Day 1197 | Regular Friday


I started a challenge of taking 100 days off to mainly focus on my health and overall personal development and used this account as a personal blog to keep track of all my activity. I enjoyed it and continued afterward trying to build better habits and find a good balance between health, fitness, work and my personal life...

Things arecquite busy these days and it was a regular Friday where I switched my mindset from crypto & Splinterlands back to Sports Betting with the Belgian League going into week 2. I urgently need to make a plan again to start working out and eat healthy as I have been lacking this lately. Tomorrow, the month of August will start and I have much more social activity planned there which will do me some good as I kind of have been in an ultra bubble for quite a while.

DayBed TimeAwakeOut BedDay Score
01 July01:0009:3010:405
02 July01:0009:0009:456
03 July01:0008:4009:355
04 July00:0009:0009:006
05 July00:0008:2009:006
06 July01:0010:3011:306
07 July01:0008:4509:456
08 July01:0011:0012:007
09 July00:0008:4009:307
10 July00:0008:1509:157
11 July02:0008:3009:306
12 July01:0008:2009:306
13 July00:0008:0009:306
14 July00:0009:0010:006
15 July00:0008:4009:557
16 July00:0009:1010:407
17 July01:0008:2009:157
18 July00:3008:3009:357
19 July00:3009:0010:157
20 July00:3008:5009:508
21 July00:0007:2008:207
22 July00:0009:0010:107
23 July00:0007:2008:357
24 July00:3008:1509:107
25 July00:0008:0008:557
26 July01:3008:0009:156
27 July00:3008:0009:107
28 July00:3008:2009:507
29 July00:3008:5009:446
30 July00:0007:5009:006

90-Day Consistancy Challenge

Days LeftWeightWorkoutDietWaterExpenses
9069.2 kgLevel 1v3L0€
8968.8 kgLevel 1v3L0€
8868.6 kgLevel 1v3L2.5€
8768.5 kgLevel 2v3L2€
8668.9 kgLevel 2x3L9€
8569.1 kgLevel 3x3L10€
8469.3 kgLevel 1v2.5L3.5€
8369.1 kgLevel 1v3L5€
8269.0 kgLevel 1v3L15€
8169.2 kgxxxx2.5L10€
8069.2 kgLevel1v3L5€
7969.2 kgLevel 1v3L4€
7869.1 kgLevel 2v3L2€
7769.4 kgLevel 2x2.5L4€
7669.4 kgLevel 2x3L6€
7569.0 kgLevel 1v3L0€
7468.8 kgLevel 2v3L0€
7369.1 kgLevel 2x3.5L5€
7269.0 kgxxxx3.5L5€
7169.4 kgxxxx2L8€
7069.5 kgxxxx2L6€
6969.2 kgxxxv2.5L2.2€
6869.0 kgxxxv2.0L5€
6769.1 kgxxxv2.0L8€
6669.0 kgLevel 2v3L0€
6568.4 kgLevel 2v3L0€
6468.8 kgxxxv2.5L7€
6367.9 kgLevel 2v3L0€
6267.9 kgLevel 2v3L0€
6167.9 kgLevel 1v3L14€
6068.1 kgxxxv3L0€
5967.8 kgxxxv3L5€
5867.9 kgxxxx2L12€
5768.0 kgxxxx2.5L6€
5668.3 kgLevel 1x2L7€
5568.7 kgxxxx2L6€
5468.9 kgxxxx2L10€


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