There's a Mouse in the House... Well, there was...

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On and off for a couple of weeks now, we've been woken up in the early morning hours by scratching and gnawing noises in the roof. It sounded like there was a monster up there at times, and speculation was that a possum or large rat had gotten up there.

I was pretty sure it was a mouse, so off I wemt to the hardware store to find a suitable exterminating device. I found this:

Now this is no ordinary trap. This is the mouse equivolent to the electric chair, but works way more swiftly. It takes 4 batteries, and charges up a fairly hefty capacitor. When the mouse enters to get to the bait, and steps on both of those metal plates inside, the circuit is complete and... ZAP! Dead in 2 seconds flat. I thought that was way better than putting up poison and letting the animal suffer for hours. Just ZAP! and bin. Easy. Being in the suburbs, relocating the pest just becomes someone elses problem, so that wasn't an option.

So we put the trap up, and checked on it 2 days later... nothing. Left it there another 2 days... nothing. "This trap is crap!" We hadn't heard the noises, so we put the trap away.

A few nights later we heard the nois again, and so put the trap back up in a different spot, and with different bait... peanut butter!

The next night, after work, we decided to check the trap. Bingo! One dead mouse with its face still in the peanut butter. You can see it here if you so wish. Who knew such a small critter could make such a noise in the roof!

I've got to admit, the trap worked better than expected. The Big Cheese is definitely a good name too. Hopefully we don't have any more rodents deciding to make my roof their home, or else... ZAP!

Have a great day.


We have/had some in the roof making a racket too recently. One of the new cats is a really good mouser so it’s slowly becoming less of a problem though typical cat likes to play with his food and then after the poor mouse is dead he doesn’t know what to do with it so the teenager has to dispose of the body thoughtfully as they’re his cats 🤣

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Nice to have a good hunting cat around. We thought about putting one of ours up in the roof for a while, but didn't fancy the idea of getting our arms shredded by sharp claws in the process.

🤣 we didn’t put him in the roof. The mice have to come down for food 😵

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omg... we have rats in our garage. My husband got a truadional trap. Looked in the morning. Rat “trapped”. Was in a rush to work so said he would dispose of the rat at the end of the day. Well he gets home HOURS later rat and trap are gone. Turns out the poor thing was ALIVE all day with it’s neck in the trap struggling to escape! 😭😭😭😭

That was an ordeal that ended with us both in tears and the rat released into a nearby field hoping it could survive despite it’s injury. Horrible.

Your trap... WAY better!

Oh gosh! Poor rat, and poor you and your husband having to deal with the drama! That's exactly what you don't want to happen, and why I went for this zapper. It worked perfectly for us. I couldn't imagine having to chase a rat or mouse around in the roof with a trap snapped around its neck... I think my whole family would freak out.

Yep peanut butter works great.

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