NSA Black Ops, Google Overwatch and Sleeper Agents

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I love conspiracy theories. What was once considered a viewpoint only deemed fit for the likes of hippies and tinfoil hat lunatics, has now become not only accepted but expected in many circles of society. Not saying I'm a believer of such tales, or even entirely anti-establishment. I'll never pay taxes on my crypto, but otherwise my political views are almost non-existent. Man's got to know his limitations. I leave politics to the politicians and potato chips, since they both have so much in common. They taste great when you try them, but when all gets said and done, you only paid for the packaging. It looks nice, but eventually that ends up in the trash and after consuming what lies within, you end up vomiting and potentially a colon cancer diagnosis in the not-too-distant future. I think government conspiracies are a necessary part of our world, and sometimes civilians should not be allowed to know what really happened. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to find out anyway. Often times, it's simply the mystery surrounding the theory that is alluring. It fascinates, and can burrow much deeper, overshadowing any superficial political connotation that may be attached. While I'm sure I haven't stumbled upon anything other than strange coincidences and an overabundance of databasing tactics utilized by Google, I'd still like to think that something more lies beneath. So, here's what happened...

Listen up-

My so-called conspiracy starts out simple enough. For no particular reason other than self-interest and awareness, I was on The Intercept reading some of the leaked Snowden files. Now let me be clear. I am just a hobbyist, interested in technology and the methods used by the NSA and other government entities, no ulterior motives here (and yes, I do realize that would be a likely statement from anyone, especially if they did in fact have ulterior motives). Interesting side note- I was not aware the NSA archives all the publicly known leaked classified documents on their own website. They have actually organized and displayed all these leaks chronologically, provided the source and even the actual document in question for downloading (might want to use a VPN coupled with anti fingerprinting if you plan to head over there). Very efficient if you're looking to do some research. As I perused various files, much of which I didn't understand because of the technical nature of the information within, one document in particular caught my eye. It contained operations that focused on the remote tracking and geolocation of satellite communications located domestically and abroad. Among the codenames for the programs were CANYONDUST and ZODIACARRAY. Have to admit and give credit where credit is due, branches of the United States armed forces come up with the greatest codenames. It was actually the codenames that piqued my interest in these particular operations.

In my quest for knowledge, I learned that the NSA has a unique way of stylizing code names. Take the two above for instance. Instead of separating them into two words like CANYON DUST, they are instead merged to form one. Apparently all NSA codenames are designed this way. With this in mind, I decided to search for the two above on Google just to see what came up, knowing full well that Google is most likely a footman for the NSA and/or the many other alphabet boys working in conjunction with the United States government.

Quick side note about Google Opinion Rewards. I've been signed up with this app for a couple years now. Answer questions, earn Google Play money. Simple. Since I've download that app, EVERY set of questions I received references a store I recently left, it asks me about my experience and requests I upload the receipt. Regardless of answers, once completed, you receive $0.10 to $0.25 worth of play store money. I figured Google is already tracking me, so what the hell right? Might as well make some money in the process. Interested? Click here.

Anyone that knows search engines knows a very specific phrase or uncommon grouping of letters will minimize results especially if said phrases or letters have not been spread across the internet like photos of Kim Kardashian's ass. My search may seem unique, but the fact that it's part of a leaked classified document leads me to believe that there should be more than 2 instances on the entire clearnet (portion of the internet that can be indexed by search engines like Google). And also, as you can see from the screenshot above, Google suggests there are no great matches for my search, even though the output provided contained the exact information I input. Interesting too was that this screen did not come up for me the first couple times I searched these terms. This popped up after the fourth or fifth query I made to Google. If you search DuckDuckGo or any other search engine, tracking or non tracking, you get more than two results.

If those anomalies just seem like regular strange coincidences to you, they did to me too, so I let it go. I do have a family and a real world job that has nothing to do with the NSA or "ghosts" in the machine which I was about to get back to, when all of a sudden I get multiple notifications on my phone from none other than Google Opinion Rewards. I have to say, I had chills running up my spine when I read what I was being asked, because like I said, I never receive requests to do anything except upload receipts and answer questions about what store I was recently in. Typically these notifications come to me when I walk out of a convenience store or department store. I allow Google to track me because of their mapping program, it is a huge asset to me at work. And honestly, I don't really care. I'm not murdering anyone or trying to hide my whereabouts for any reason, so if Google and/or whomever else feel the need to watch me or track me, so be it. That sounds like I've become part of the problem, and maybe so. But, I didn't invent these things and I certainly didn't push them onto the masses. Here's what I get from Google Opinion Rewards-

And in the same group-

Spooky eh? I know, after putting it on paper, I'm thinking that doesn't seem like much for a conspiracy theory. But let's revisit my previous screenshot, where I was informed by Google there weren't any great matches for my search. And if you are looking for the final portion of the story to be comparable with an episode of The X-Files, you are going to be highly disappointed. I still found it interesting, oddly coincidental, and well, scary to a certain degree. Most of my friends and family did as well.

In the screenshot you can see Google provides a selection of suggested terms. I'd have to assume that people who searched for my initial query, also searched for those topics. I don't know where Google gets those suggestions from. I know they're not trending topics or anything associated with my personal search history, because these topics would not be synonymous with any of my past Google queries. I'm an educated man but I had no idea what any of those terms were until I looked them up, do you? And without being a typical, act like you know it all but really don't, steemit douchebag, really look at those terms and see if you know what they are before you put them into a search engine to look them up. Because I had no idea what any of them were. In fact Google contradicts itself, if you query the second item, it suggests another term for you, as if what was input had a spelling error. Surprising more so, is the fact that other terms wouldn't be something like NSA or Snowden or leaked documents, like a journalist who might be searching for those things would probably search for that too right? I can't possibly be the only member of the public who has googled those terms and hasn't googled those suggestions along with it. Really, look those things up. Don't read the reveal below, look them up first. You will be shocked when you see what they are. Maybe not so much by the first one, but when you get to the second and third it's kind of creepy.

So did you look them up? Of course you didn't you lazy piece of shit, you want me to just tell you what they mean, right? Okay I will. But I have to say that reminds me of someone who bums a cigarette, and then needs to bum a lighter as well. It's like, hey dude, do you want me to smoke it for you too? Who the hell am I talking to here... Guess it's my inner monologue, which has now become an out loud monologue, which sounds more and more psychotic as I continue...

Bannavem Taberniae

This is given as birthplace of Saint Patrick in his autobiography. There is no modern day location that has this name. Most historians agree, it's the town of Bannaventa, England.

Now being the conspiracy nut that I am I extensively searched this area, and for whatever reason gravitated towards a geological survey of Whilton Lodge and a farmhouse with an obscured satellite feed. More to come on this in a later post.

midrat dpcvr

This is perhaps the most disturbing of the three. I'm just going to put an image of the item and a brief description and leave it at that. You be the judge.

From an excerpt on TheFirearmBlog.com:

The concept for Deep Cover (DPCVR) came about close to two years ago while trying to figure out a good way to conceal and carry off-body. Carrying on-body is no-doubt the preferred choice when prudent and possible, but not every scenario and environment is going to lend itself to On-Body CCW.
We started looking and found the market to be laden with bags made specifically for the Off-Body Carry of a firearm. The strong majority of these bags are very tactical in nature and project the fact that the wearer is carrying a firearm. The intent of carrying concealed is to remain as low-profile as possible… using a bag the broadcasts it’s contents seems rather counter-productive to that effort.

Junshi Sanda

Junshi Sanda, also known as military free fighting, is a system of unarmed combat that was designed by Chinese Elite Forces based upon their intense study of traditional martial arts such as traditional Kung Fu, Shuai Jiao, Chin Na and modern hand-to-hand fighting and combat philosophy to develop a realistic system of unarmed fighting for the Chinese military.

So what does all this mean? I don't know, but it's almost freaked me out to the point where I might stop looking into it. I'm starting to look up in the sky like helicopters are following me so, it might be time to put a pin in this and come back to it another day... or never come back to it at all.

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Yep, I'm pretty sure this would have freaked me out, too. Let us know if you decide to dig any deeper! Although, I wouldn't blame you if you didn't.


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