Do Not Ignore Depression

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Yesterday was a pretty tough day for me. When I say tough I mean Mentally Tough as one of Bollywood's brightest Actors suicided. Now normally I wouldn't have talked about it, neither am I a huge diehard fan of the Actor but the circumstances did hit me hard.


I am talking about Sushant Sing Rajput and he is no more with us and I hope he Rests in Peace. The reason behind the suicide seems to be Depression and that is the reason why this news hit me hard. I have suffered depression so I related instantly and I know how tough depression could be. I really wanted to make a Vlog and talk about it yesterday but I was emotional so I thought that wouldn't be an appropriate time.


This makes me sad as well as frustrated because in India almost 75% of the people feel like there is nothing as depression. Hell, when I was going through depression no one had my back. So yeah Indian people need to be educated on Depression and how it is a Disease and need proper care. Lastly, I wanna end my rant by saying that please look after each other and lead happy lives.



So bad. I hope that you are going to be better :)

Can I ask you how do you separate the text with that lines?

🙏 Namaste🙏

That is an Image-Line. You can copy that image and when you write a post you can insert the image as a divider.

Thank you so much my friend :) Namaste!