The number of anonymous transactions in Bitcoin exceeds the sum of the number of anonymous transactions in all digital currencies

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According to Karen Hsu of Blockchain Intel, Bitcoin remains the most encrypted digital currency with the largest number of anonymous transactions, and its number of anonymous transactions exceeds all other encrypted digital currencies that focus on privacy protection.


In order to achieve greater privacy protection, traditionally relatively transparent bitcoin transactions are handled through a coin-rich process or a conversion service, such as Wasabi Wallet, a third-party service currently running on the Bitcoin blockchain. According to Hsu, mixed currency transactions account for about 4% of total Bitcoin transactions.

Hsu said that at the time of her last review, about 4% of Bitcoin's transactions involved a process of mixing or converting.

She continues to confirm that although 4% is still a small percentage, it is enough to show that Bitcoin is more used for darknets or illegal transactions, which is precisely why other encrypted digital currencies have been condemned by law enforcement agencies, although they There are only a few currencies in itself that involve anonymous transactions.

Hu revealed that when looking at Bitcoin, people will find that their probability of using CoinJoins and mixed-coin services is far less than they expected.

Although it has often been advertised as a dark currency for illegal activities, Bitcoin has become a popular investment or speculative asset that can be launched on a variety of well-regulated trading platforms.

The number of anonymous transactions in each currency is different, but the proportion is still relatively small.

While advanced top-level encrypted digital currencies have advanced privacy features as a key selling point, the use of this feature is still low. Data from the Zcash block manager Zchain Explorer shows that in the past day, Zcash completed a total of 5,787 open and transparent transactions, 529 partially anonymous transactions and 35 completely anonymous transactions; in the past month, Zcash A total of 142,075 open and transparent transactions, 17,428 partially anonymous transactions and 1,644 completely anonymous transactions were completed. In the past day, anonymous transactions accounted for 8.9% of all Zcash transactions; in the past month, anonymous transactions accounted for approximately 11.8% of all Zcash transactions. Monroe is another encrypted digital currency that focuses on privacy protection. It has traded 5,526 and 176,575 transactions in the past day and the past month, respectively, accounting for 1.7% of Bitcoin's daily trading volume and monthly transactions. 1.9%. Encrypted digital currencies with privacy protection tend to have higher application rates, but anonymous transactions still account for less than 10% of total transactions. According to data from Dash Radar and Bitinfocharts, in the past day, Dash Anonymously sent the number of transactions and the total amount of Dash transactions were 74 and 15,868 respectively; and in the past month, Dash Anonymous sent the number of transactions The total number of transactions with Dash is 2,317 and 1,649,296 respectively. This means that anonymously sent transactions account for 0.5% and 0.14% of daily trading volume and monthly trading volume, respectively.

According to data from bitinfocharts, in the past 24 hours, Bitcoin's daily transactions amounted to 315,932 transactions, of which approximately 12,637 were traded in a mixed currency. Compared to Dash, Zcash and Monroe, Bitcoin doubles the number of anonymous transactions and has advanced privacy features.

Dash focuses on improving public awareness of anonymous trading.

I have published Dash Anonymous Performance and Compliance on the Dash Blog. Welcome to - Ryan Taylor (@RTaylor05) August 8, 2019 Although the frequency of anonymous sending of feature transactions is not high compared to the wider Dash

network, The World Bank continues to develop optional services for users. Recently, Dash has expanded its services to mobile devices and plans to further promote its development work. However, Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core's core team, also detailed the fact that Dash Anonymous Sending functionality should be no different from the Bitcoin coin trading in terms of regulation, especially in encrypted digital currencies in both personal and business users. The increasing popularity and privacy protection performance of the encrypted digital currency is increasingly prominent. The Dash core team focuses on educational trading platforms and regulators to make anonymous delivery more useful, rather than being a reason to discriminate against Dash. Dash has also recently partnered with BlockchainIntel to build more relationships with companies that need to comply with strict regulations but do not have enough bandwidth.


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