Artificial intelligence and the world of blockchain are colliding

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Today, almost everyone understands the importance of data. As for artificial intelligence, the more data, the better. Data can be a very valuable and powerful tool that is growing at a rapid rate. In the past two years, 90% of the world's data has been created, and companies need to store more data than ever before. The organization is asking questions about privacy, security, and data governance, including access.Commercial PhotographyOver the years, the traditional Internet service model is to give us your data and we will provide you with free services. However, as data becomes more valuable, will this pattern be retained or will it be replaced? Should these companies have our data? Should we disclose that the data should be paid? Should our data be stored on a more secure blockchain? Siraj Raval is the creator of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence and a YouTube celebrity. He talked about all of these topics in an interview with the recent Artificial Intelligence Podcast today.Who manages your data?As more and more people realize that their information is more valuable to businesses and how easy it is to be used and sold, people are beginning to wonder if they should disclose their information so easily. In the conflict between Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, people raised such issues. Siraj explains the importance of letting the public know what the data company is using, what steps it will take to protect it, and how to use it.Siraj went on to explain that the blockchain can help solve many of the data-related trust and security issues. Siraj believes that the blockchain is known for its resiliency and security, and it provides a secure, long-lasting, distributed ledger. The public is most familiar with the use of blockchains in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, but it turns out to be of greater value in the non-monetary sector. Siraj believes that providing data to a secure blockchain paired with artificial intelligence can be a tool to help humans. Proper use of blockchain and artificial intelligence can provide greater trust for data-based systems, from face recognition to voting, and other applications where distributed ledgers can help validate results. It is also increasingly being used in many different types of applications, enabling users to verify every action in the network so that people can more easily see the error.Blockchain and artificial intelligence also collaborate in autonomous vehicle applications. A fully autonomous taxi fleet can work together to communicate location, route and relative position of each vehicle relative to other vehicles in real time. Since actions and movements will be recorded on the blockchain, this will also help to provide transparency for the actions and routes of automated vehicles. Siraj compares the blockchain network to a nervous system and always communicates with each other to learn from mistakes.Are artificial intelligence and blockchain just two buzzwords?Artificial intelligence and blockchain have become two very popular words. Many companies use these words in marketing to increase product irritability. But do these products really have artificial intelligence? Do they really want to use blockchain to store and manage data? Is the discussion about AGI and the doomsday scene overstated? Are these terrible theories more likely than we think? This fear led Siraj to come up with some great ideas and urged us to be more cautious and careful about the artificial intelligence systems we created.For many people in the industry, they are very aware of the fear of AI winter. Concerns about excessive commitment and under-delivery may quickly lead to a decline in interest in artificial intelligence. The media likes to exaggerate the disadvantages of artificial intelligence. For example, in an event in 2017, two artificial intelligence facebook chat bots were shut down after creating their own language. The news media reported on the matter and exaggerated that "the robot will rule the world." The story is exaggerated, and the actual situation is far less interesting than the media makes people believe. Facebook shuts them down just because they don't work as expected or what they want. The explanation for the "new" language is that artificial intelligence does what it looks for. The two artificial intelligences fed each other, which made the artificial intelligence dumbless until they started talking nonsense. By educating the public and providing valuable, real news, these scenes seem far less terrible than imagined.v4Qr59I.gif

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Privacy is certainly a concern. I remember reading Orwell's 1984 when I was in elementary school and praying we would never have a government with such power. We must always be on guard to protect our freedoms form government and from unscrupulous or greedy private players.