Life after divorce

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I spoke briefly about this, but I did not have enough strength to say more about this. In addition, so many problems fell upon me immediately that I simply did not have time. Almost nine months have now passed. Nine month! During this time, a new person appears. I guess it's time for me to pull myself together and start living in a new way.

These nine months were very difficult. Firstly, the shock of such a betrayal. Nobody talked about divorce! Secondly, it was very hard for me physically and financially. As you know, during this time Mom Knop and Palma went to the rainbow ... I had no moral support at all and it was also very difficult. Sometimes I thought that I could not stand it ...

After he left, we first talked a week ago. We have never spoken before. He lied to the judge that I did not want to go to court to discuss divorce, and the court made a decision in absentia. And you know what he told me? He said he misses our animals! Would you believe it? Me not. And he said that he left because he was offended by me. He was offended because I said that it’s wrong to take a lot of dogs for a walk at the same time. Because I said that it is dangerous for them and for people around us (not all of our dogs are obedient). I listened and I did not believe what I hear. A fourteen-year-old teenager might do so, but not an adult man. And I don’t think this is true and I don’t think that I can be trusted in a person who can do this.

It was probably that moment. That moment when I realized that I never want to see him again. I can not trust him with either animals or myself. What if he again decided to take offense and remembered about us only after nine months?

The biggest difficulty now is my job, because I can’t leave the animals alone for long. But I still took a couple of clients, I write articles and sometimes give lectures for notaries. Sometimes I feel like a pilot at the helm of an airplane caught in a storm. But basically, I try to act consistently and carefully, step by step, building my new life. I hope that next year will be more successful for me and my animals.


I wish you the best of luck. Stay strong in your decision

Thank you! I try:)

Your an amazing lady who is stronger than she realises. You are capable of so much and proven you don't need a man. Hes the one who has lost out. :)

Thank you, dear Karen:) This is all, of course, very difficult, but I do not want to grow old next to a man whom I cannot trust. With age, we all become more vulnerable, and the one who betrayed once will betray the next ...

He will do it again, you are far to good for him. You are an amazing lady a land angel. You remember that :)

Thank you, dear Karen! I think you are right, he will do it again... That why I don't want to continue relationships with him.

Hes not good enough for you. :)

When a loved and trusted (for years!) family member walks out on you.... a spouse... abandonment!.... I cannot imagine the shock, the time it takes to move again, and to move on.

I can’t leave the animals alone for long. ....Sometimes I feel like a pilot at the helm of an airplane caught in a storm. But basically, I try to act consistently and carefully, step by step, building my new life. I hope that next year will be more successful for me and my animals.

I hope so too!!!!! Best wishes, and blessings, and may you find help and support not just in the Steemit community but wherever you live.

Thank you!

Sounds very much you are better off without this guy. Your strength is the love and knowledge you bestow on the animals that need your help. They are lucky to have you & you are lucky to be able to help them :-)

My head understands this. My heart, of course, still does not want to agree with this situation. When I feel really bad, I hug a dog or a cat and it becomes easier and calmer for me :)

Wise words from a wise man. #GottaLoveMike!
My heart goes out to you and your furry companions.

You are 9 months later you came that far with work and animals so you will make it.

What he said is the easiest way out blaming you. A 14 year old does not make such excuses only adult men do.

I wish you strenght and luck. 💕

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