Work From Home During Quarantine

in life •  2 months ago 

We are still under quarantine just like most of us. We managed to go back to our little store after staying in my parents house for more than a month. That was the most boring part of the quarantine. My son was working during those days and they were provided with hotel rooms and free food. The company could not sustain that arrangement so they were sent home to work from home and were given allowance to cover the cost of internet which is not bad. Other companies do not provide such just like my nephew who is also working from home. When my son arrived the place is in chaos and dusty because like I said we left it for more than a month. Now that he is back home he needs us there and should continue working. I quickly prepared a quiet corner for him which is temporary only until I had done a general cleaning.

That is it for now Hivers.
Much love

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