Your future Self is your Higher Self

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Depending on the height of frequency we are able to attune to we can receive info about past lives, future lives and parallel lives in certain states of Consciousness in the dream state.

Naturally, the higher a state we consciously tap into the more exhausting it is to consciously receive a piece of info. I am not doing this at will, this happens unpredictibly for me, but I do get better. It happened 3 times so far that I entered the Gamma state, and I remember the first time I entered it 2016, and even though I was only able to keep it up for about 8-10 seconds, I left the state sweating and worn out despite having slept 9 hours before that. So these Gamma-state insights are not really visions but much more refined pieces of info devoid of guesswork.

Delta and Theta are a bit softer, but as I said: the more we stablize into a frequency band the less draining it will become. We can all do that basically, but it depends on how much we want to get these glimpses and how much we raise our frequency. Interestingly enough, most people I know are not even interested in getting to know about their next life, probably because there are still deep fears involved toward transitioning so that they don' want to be confronted with that. Which is why I tend to hint to the fact that past life regression seems so much more common than future life foresight because the latter requires dealing with that deep-rooted fear while the former doesn't. So receving these info first and foremost requires releasing all fears of transitioning so as to open yourself up in the first place.

Without Information I received over many years pertaining to my next life, I would have NEVER got through the Twin Flame journey with Trust and Faith. But also in every other area of my life. That is why I constanly say that present and future are most perfectly interconnected. Connecting to that future life inspires my every single action in this life, especially in terms of courage, trust and faith, and everything flows in that direction in the most enchanting way. These insights push me to take practical responsibility in every single moment of my life.

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You just described something really close to me. I believe that we don’t want to go back in time to change everything but can tune in with who we will become and create that beings presence.

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