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The past 24 hours have been very challenging. Once again, I have been extremely tired. It's frustrating. I just want to get better! I have found that sitting up has been too strenuous. As a result, I have laid down to rest whenever I could.

To occupy my time, (and stave off insanity) I decided to read a book. I normally would read something non-fiction, because I love learning, but given the level of fatigue, even that seemed like too much.

So, I settled in with a book by Nora Roberts called Year One. It's Book 1 in a Series.

To be honest, I feel a bit funny writing a review about the book. Particularly because I so rarely read fiction. How would I even judge what good or bad fiction might look like?

So, I will endeavour to just do my best.

The first thing I want to comment on is that I thought the book was too short. I feel like it just started. Like I have just been introduced to the characters.

I felt like 90% of the book was spent on character/setting/story development.

The premise of the story was interesting: An apocalyptic world mixed with magic.

Even though there was tragedy in the story, I felt like there wasn't enough conflict. The whole story seemed too tidy.

It certainly wasn't a psychological thriller.

Obviously, because it included magic it had some degree of unbelievability. Particularly with the type of magic the characters had.

Also, there was an issue with how people handled their magic. Honestly, if I suddenly grew wings and could fly, I would be flying all the time, everywhere. It seemed though that magical powers were packed away unless needed. Only once in the book did someone use their magical powers for fun.

I also thought the problems of an apocalypse were smoothed over. Some things were just not addressed. Examples of this were: What happened to all the pets? Why weren't people getting sick (with all the dead rotting everywhere)? With so many dead, why were people running into each other all the time? Why were they fighting over basic resources right from the beginning?

What really bothered me in the second half of the book, is how they were suddenly able to use magic to start cars, generate electricity, and restart the internet. It just seemed awfully convenient.

I didn't find the book particularly mature, or intellectual.

From an entertainment point of view, I guess it seemed OK. It's a story after all.

It's certainly not the best book I have ever read (or anywhere close).

I am hoping the story goes somewhere in Book 2, that Book 1 was necessary to establish the story and characters, and that now we will really get started.

I guess we will see. ¯\(ツ)

Would I recommend it? Probably not. I suspect there is better fiction out there. In fact, if you have anything you can recommend let me know. It seems that I have time to read right now. I'd love a great book.

This book would be great for someone who doesn't look or think more deeply than what they are presented with. Because, once you do, everything starts to fall apart. So, I guess it depends entirely on what type of reader you are, and what you're looking for in a book.


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Thank you. :)

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Thank you.