Learning Not to Give Up from Charlie Brown

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Last week, a video appeared in my YouTube feed. The video was an analysis of a very old animated feature from 1969 called 'A boy named Charlie Brown," featuring characters from Peanuts comic.

I never read Peanuts, but I watched the 2015 "The Peanuts Movie" and so I'm familiar with the characters and their personalities. I decided to see what this video was about even though I didn't watch the animation in question.

You can watch the analysis video below:

There's a lot to take in from this video, but I'd like to focus on one thing: his take on the ending.

In his analysis, the YouTuber talked about Charlie Brown's character, that even when he does nothing right he keeps trying. He keeps trying even when he's convincing himself that there's no reason to. He never gives up.

So when he lost the spelling contest and let everybody down, when finally feels the world has ended for him and his friend Linus tries to cheer him up and fails. Linus gives him one final advice before he goes: "Did you notice something Charlie Brown? The world didn't come to an end."

Charlie Brown ponders, gets up and goes around the town. He sees his friends going on their daily lives. No one even acknowledges his loss while representing their class. They just move on...

After I watched the video I stopped to ponder these words. "The world didn't come to an end." This hit home pretty hard.

I admit... For more than a year, I've been running.

There was a friend of mine whom I promised to help on a project but I didn't and I had no excuse. I was afraid of meeting him again, and before I knew it, a whole year gone by and I didn't meet him or apologize. I let him down so bad and I was too afraid to face it.

I've focused on writing more articles on Steem and pretending there's nothing wrong, but in reality I was just running from the social media we share.

After I watched this video I realized. That no matter how bad I let him down, it wasn't the end. I knew that I was making it worse but only after watching this analysis of an old animation I gathered the courage to face the truth. I must reconnect with him and apologize.

So I went to him and told him everything.
I'm glad I did!

I was punched but that was the worst thing to happen and I was happy to catch up with what happened in my year of absence.

I just want you guys to know, even if you let someone you care about down. Don't be afraid to say sorry and try to fix it as soon as possible. Don't take a year like a certain someone did!

Image is taken from Imdb.

That is a great analysis, and a wonderful message to share for the new year. Thank you for tying in the personal anecdote.

Just watched The Peanuts Movie for the first time the other day, and I was surprised how good it was. The old movies used to bore me a bit during the Snoopy segments when he would dancing around and the animators went cheap during the Red Baron segments. The new movie made these fantasy scenes the move amazing epic animated segments. Most of all I appreciated the way the script did not screw up any of the original characters, and instead elaborated on elements (such as Charlie's house interior) we never got to see before. The voice actors were not perfect, but they were so close enough. Snoopy dancing to "Bombaleo!", and the little red haired girl complimenting Charlie Brown were my two favorite moments.


I like Peanuts in that despite it's simple premise there are some life lessons to take from it.

OK, this is crazy, but that video popped up in MY YouTube feed as well. And I watched it. And I LOVED it! How awesome this showed up in your life too! :D

Wow, what a coincidence. It was a great analysis!

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