Sudden strive for peace in Libya

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With US pushing for Iran sanctions, making the straight of Hormuz a not so safe place, and trade war against Europe, Russia has become the only reliable Oil exporter for Europe. This is however not ideal, as being the only Energy importer means Russia has a great amount of political leverage. A leaver that Russia is not afraid to pull. EU is likely to refuse to buy expensive "freedom gas" to diversify its oil imports, since US slaps tariffs on EU exports. This what got us to the peace talks now. The demand for oil, a flammable product best harvested during times of peace, outweighs the profits from weapon exports. A arms embargo is overdue, and could have been done years before.

A sincere attempt to stop the war could have been done years ago, but instead Europe divided on who to support in the conflict, prolonging the war by supporting each side. Libya is not the traditional proxy war of west vs east. Instead you have allies divided that would usually support each other, fighting along side with their traditional enemies. Hence you have Russia supporting along side with UAE and France Haftar, the military government, while you have Turkey and Italy support the internationally recognized intermediate government in Tripoli. The opinion about Libya is split between news pages, and split even across Steem. While Aljazeera calls it a conflict between 2 ruthless people with oil as their primary motivation, DW praises the German government for staying out of it (when actually Germany keeps selling arms), while Vice went to an interview with the Tripoli government and fighters, that miss out months of pay due to the financial situation there, and the Tripoli government vowing to get democracy to Libya.

Contradicting the arms embargo suggested in Germany, Germany now proposes to send in German military troops to Libya (partially because of Germany's 2021 elections with the defense minister hoping to run as chancellor). The leading coalition parties seem to support the idea, but only if it is consensual, and in collaboration with another government, UN or EU. Fair enough, the bar these days seems so low that even obeying simple UN laws is like an achievement for the intelligence of our species. Most of the German population is against German troops abroad, hence such action will not receive much public support (but we can't choose what these monkeys use our tax money for). Its also questionable what is meant with a consensual military intervention, and who is consenting, as in Syria, NATO just declared a random Turkish supported terrorist group the official recognized government of Syria, and got their consent in their illegal invasion of NATO troops in Syria. The UN recognized Syrian government never consented to NATO and Israel putting its missile into Syria #metoo, nor was consent given to all these NATO troops that entered Syria to bring out the oil.

The UN already rejected a major military operation in Libya, as he explained only a few military observer are necessary to cast blame on any cease fire breakers. German news still don't seem to give a satisfactory answer on why Germany thinks the troops in Libya are necessary. Apparently to make sure no weapon imports are smuggled through the desert border? But EU is already stabilizing a lot of north African dictatorships by funding them to patrol their borders so no refugees can cross. If not even humans can cross the desert safely, how do they expect heavy weapon exports to cross the desert?

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The Libyan issues is not a Libyan issue, it's the world split over gas pipelines control under the Mediterranean, exacerbated with the failure of Erdogan to achieve any victory in Syria he relied on his anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood cult elements in the Tripoli government.

That triggered the other players. If the world can put a stop to this madman and his dreams of reviving the Ottoman empire selling himself to the 'Greater Israel' project, peace will come easily.

Syria was not supporting either of the two governments there as both of them were brought in by the enemies of the Libyan people, but when Erdogan is supporting one side then humanity should support its opposite, as bad as that opposite might be it would never reach the atrocities this Erdogan is willing to carry out.

Recycling al-Qaeda terrorists from Syria into Libya is a proof of how far this Turkish madman will go in his role assigned to him by the USA. Signing a treaty against international law to draw the water borders between Turkey all the way in the east of the Mediterranean and Libya so far in the west is the main hostility.

If the EU wants to help they can stop pampering Erdogan, but they're useless and they don't serve their own people, they serve those in control of the junta in the USA.

one of EU's main concerns in lybia seems to be the migrants. they pay for example for the lybian coast guard to bring back refugees trying to flee where they are held in prison camps to prevent them from escaping...