Quotes From Etienne de la Boétie's Politics of Obedience #05

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On the subject of Our Natural State


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I'm (still) reading Etienne de la Boétie's Politics of Obedience and diving a little deeper into the anarchist, libertarian and agorist ideas... Nothing like reading the works of anarchists from the 1500's!!!!!

Though La Boétie never extended his analysis from tyrannical government to government per se, he perhaps should not be considered an Anarchist but rather someone with Anarchist Tendencies.

I think I may give you a few good quotes from this paper here and there. This quote, to me is not only about how wrong it is to take away a person's liberty (it is wrong in any shape or form), but also opens up the possibility that our urge to be free is completely warranted.

It is fruitless to argue whether or not liberty is natural, since none can be held in slavery without being wronged, and in a world governed by a nature, which is reasonable, there is nothing so contrary as an injustice. Since freedom is our natural state, we are not only in possession of it but have the urge to defend it.

Doesn't this sound familiar today, in the 21st century? Like I always say… the world hasn't changed very much. Yeah maybe technology and the population count, but other than that… We're still slaves...and most of us are, willingly!

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