Chinese Government Warns Protesters Not To Underestimate Strength Of Central Government

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Ongoing protests in Hong Kong have prompted officials to recently warn that protesters shouldn't be playing with fire, nor should they assume that the Chinese government is weak, based on how they've responded to the protests thus far.

They aren't happy about the protests and how they've impacted stability in the region.

A period of inconvenience, with people demonstrating publicly etc, is to be expected whenever people feel as if their liberty is being threatened. They have a right to voice their discontent in a peaceful manner.

While many are peaceful, there are some that have undoubtedly engaged in violence, and some have also been charged with rioting. Protesters have been chanting to liberate Hong Kong and that now is the time for revolution.

A spokesman for the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Coucil has insisted that the Chinese government firmly supports the Hong Kong police, despite the recent criticism against them for how they've reacted to the protests at times.

Chinese officials also allegedly support the current leader Carrie Lam, even though many have called for her resignation.

Officials warn there is a small group of "violent criminals" behind the protests and that their punishment is coming, in due time.

And no, we shouldn't underestimate the lengths they are willing to go to to squash growing calls for justice, or protests that inconvenience the ruling authorities.

So far, protesters have called for an independent inquiry into allegations over police brutality, as well as the release of protesters who have been arrested.

One Chinese officials has allegedly admitted that this is the worst political unrest that they've seen in decades. Thousands of lawyers from Hong Kong have taken to the streets also, marching in solidarity with those protesting, voicing their discontent for what they say is the political prosecution of protesters.

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A power that has to tell people not to underestimate their strength, it is that power that's insecure about their own strength. Otherwise, they would not feel the need to say what they said.

that's an interesting take lol:)

The violence in the Yuen Long area of HK was carried out by the mafia, funded by the government to discredit the protestors according to the guardian ☹️

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i wouldn't be surprised!

The problem is this isn't for better treatment, this protest is for human rights.

What was once a fairly democratic, capitalistic area, is now under strong communist rule, with things such as social apps that allow/disallow you onto trains.

So, for the protesters to give up is to accept being a slave.
However, China has been known to go to whatever length necessary to keep rule.