LMAC #23 - Winner announcement!

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Greetings Steemians!

Yesterday's dPoll on the finalists of Let's make a collage #23 has just been closed and the community has decided:

Bildschirmfoto 2019-07-17 um 08.52.39.png

Since two contributions share once again the second rank I decided to top up the prize pool a bit and award both artists with a 10 SP power-up each!

Please join me in applauding the three winners! 👏👏👏

First place
  • 16 SP power-up
@agmoore (7 of 27 votes) And Not a Drop to Drink...
Second place
  • 10 SP power-up
@adelepazani (6 of 27 votes) Fairy in the forest
Second place
  • 10 SP power-up
@nodzz (6 of 27 votes) UFO above the woods
Original image

Thank you all for your engagement, by creating these cool artworks and joining the polls!

Stay tuned for round 24!



Congratulation @agmoore

Thank you so much :)

Congratulations to all the winners. 😎

Thank you @shaka! Thank you, everyone who voted for me, and everyone who participated. The participants set the standard. Over the months, it's been a learning experience and a great pleasure. This is the best Steemit has to offer, @shaka: community, mutual support, creativity.
Congratulations to the other winners--@adelepazani, @nodzz. Congratulations to the other finalists--@tormenta, @depot69,@obvious. And congratulations to everyone who entered this week.
Looking forward to #24!

Congratulations to all of us! and I would like to thank everyone who pick/vote for my entry.

Thank you @shaka for this great contest.


Thank you!!

Congratulation @agmoore , @adelepazani and @nodzz good job 👏👏👏

Thank you very much!

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Congratulation to the winners of this round : )

Congratulations to the winners!

Congratulations to the winners!

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