Steem war

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The war in STEEM continues between Justin Sun TRON and the blockchain users of STEEM who voted massively for the witnesses and thus managed to return to the top 20 more than the 4 necessary to make the consensus unfeasible.

The number of witnesses who did not approve of Justin Sun's hostile take over attempt and are currently in the top 20 is 11 and with some more close by.

One of the great reasons for the war was also the obscure artifice of several exchanges such as poloniex, binance and hobi having channeled their funds into STEEM, which are presumed to be customers, to power up and vote on the 20 witnesses placed by Justin Sun with the promise to quickly get their STEEM back after a hardfork.

These exchanges were induced to support take over but when they realized that the reality would be different they had to retreat and Huobi already started the power down while binance also showed the same intention but has not yet triggered.

I believe that all parties had the best intentions for the STEEM blockchain.
I have to respect the positions of each of them.


I will give the benefit of the doubt to Justin Sun. He devised a business plan for STEEM, bought from Ned and at least has already achieved one of his proposals.


Justin Sun achieved in a few days what hadn't done in 4 years. He designed the STEEM blockchain for the media spotlight and the financial world of cryptos.

I ask the following question, how will it be in relation to other proposals such as token swap, integration in the TRON network, would it be beneficial?

I still have a comparison to make. In football I have already seen the examples of Chelsea and City who, with their multimillionaires, turned clubs into the top.


E agora? Aonde essa guerra vai levar?