Who should I delegate to? | Also talking about my tokens

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Hello everyone it's Mr. Crypto and today I ask you all who should I delegate to? I would like to know some options I have as well as payment options. I am starting to post more on hive and I don't really vote that much. So I thought this would be a better option. I'm thinking of delegating around 1k hive power. I'll read your comments later when I can. Also today I wanted to let you know my Leo vote is growing thanks to you guys and gals. My Leo vote is worth 0.02 it's not much but it's something.


These are my rewards I accrued over a 7 day time period. I was on kryptogamers website again looking around and I saw that I could stake my gamer tokens for divs. Stupid me just figured that out LMAO. But now I'm earning small divs each day. I personally also like the way they designed the site and show you everything. If you want to join here's the link: https://kryptogamers.com/?ref=teenagecrypto


I am going to be betting some stuff in a couple of weeks so be prepared for what's coming. I hope to get some profit for what I'm doing. Also your help on hive means a lot and it's helping me grow my investments. When I get out of college I hope to have gained big profit from what i've done here. I am getting my AS degree soon and then I'm going for my Bachelors. Anyways I was also thinking of doing token giveaways soon as well for weekly followers. So stay tuned and I'll let you know. Also I have a new youtube video that's growing so if you want to help me out and like cats then here you go:

Surprisingly this might be my most popular video soon.

Thanks for stopping by and reading, Mr.Crypto


0.02 Leo power, that's more than what I have when I started posting on Leo with a big zero. I remember buying 10 Leo on HE to stake and I remember missing the airdrop. Sheesh. I recently made it to 0.1+ with the help of Doge.swap. I have some cheap Dogecoin in HE and the .... you know.

See ya around Teen.

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I was also thinking of doing token giveaways soon as well for weekly followers.

Cool idea 💡

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Thanks I might delegate to them👌

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