Cryptocurrency: Looking Beyond The First Generation In The Technology

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Cryptocurrency and blockchain are both technologies. This means they carry a few characteristics that are vitally important to their future. One of the main factors is that future generations (iterations) will be far more advanced than today.

In this video I discuss how, up to this point, we are basically reproducing what we know. However, as we get future iterations, we will move far beyond what we are dealing with now. This is how technology often changes society. The first wave simply is based upon the existing reference points we have. After that, we start to progress forward.
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Yeah I agree with you cryptocurriency are technologyies originated by someone or a group of people. And it's a things that has a very good and bright hope for future and it keeps improving and increasing the more people get advance

I hope Hive will be able to incorporate the best advances in blockchain technology, stagnation in this industry is a sure ticket to irrelevance

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This is just the start of things. Stagnation hasnt even started since it is still too early. We are in the first generation.

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we had a lot of stagnation under STINC :P or at least that's what it seemed like

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“Watch on 3Speak Dapp” fail.

I will notify them developers.

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Are you saying it didn't function as intended or what exactly?

Maybe I'm just a NeoLuddite, but GitHub downloads onto an iPad are terra incognito.

Does 3speak no longer have browser links to content?

Oh I see. We are going to have support for mobile users soon via web portal. The watch on 3Speak dapp right now is only meant for the desktopapp.