What Is The Future Of Cryptocurrency?

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This was something that was asked of me out of the blue on Discord. Not knowing the individual or what really was meant but I will presume it was long term.

In this video I discuss some views that I have regarding how big cryptocurrency can be. Part of this stems from the fact it is data and our society is going to be built upon it. This is much bigger than financial since it is going to penetrate every aspect of our lives. Ultimately, most that we are involved with will be tied to a crypto-economic system.
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When you say data that’s inherently value-less because it isn’t backed by anything I question if the value is actually there, just paid in advance instead of after the fact.

The energy consumed to achieve proof of work was a resource used during production. Same as you don’t put enough gas in your car for a trip after you get there, I think.

Out of all the question I would ask you out of the blue I would have picked a more specific one :))

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