SportsTalkSocial Sees a x10 jump.

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Hive Engine Investors are seeing top shelf gains in more than one interface.

The SportsTalkSocial Team has grown their investment at a x10 rate. With the current buy wall, anyone who invested 15 HIVE or less can cash out today and walk away with a x10 profit.

The profit runs out after 300 HIVE.

Screenshot 20201005 at 11.23.57 PM.png

The run has been going since Sept 26. When there was a large purchase that dropped short after, and then ran up again.

Screenshot 20201005 at 11.48.11 PM.png

Little runs like this are pre-cursers to bigger runs, showing us what the potential of the investment is.

With sports taking a backseat do to covid, and them slowly making a comeback, there seems to be a lot more to write about. The more distributed the token is, the easier to keep the price up as there is no one big account that can eradicate the sell wall.

I wrote recently about how the leo run is making other tokens soar too but am wondering. Is SportsTalkSocial doing this on its own?

Are you a SPORTSTALKSOCIAL investor? How long will you be HOLDing for?


I have a few million sports, I figured I would hodl in case someday it goes way up.

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I am in the same boat. There was little reason to sell before.

Hopefully they will make a move forward with their platform and add value to the token.

In the meantime, the pump is nice.

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I’m not selling..may buy some more if it pulls back.

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I was buying some steadily but even though 0.00009 is still low - I decided to wait back for the 0.00002 numbers.

If too many of us are waiting for the pullback to invest more, a slight pull back could sling shot the price back up.

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I still don't know what the plans of sportstalk are, but I've been hodling my SPORT tokens and I will continue to do so.

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There are lots of tokens out there. I hope all is that own it have a HUGE Leo style win.

(And I don’t think Leo is quite done yet)

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Sports has quite the distribution and market cap it would be interesting to see them get a Wsports and seeing how that market could kick off, could explode the value of the token

I still think they need a sports betting app with the coin would be a great use case

I have seen sports betting on the blockchain before, back when we were all STEEM.

I don’t remember what happened to the project but I used to use it.

GAMER gambles, but they don’t gamble on sports.

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That's cool, pitty we lost some momentum with the projects as the switch over happened and different people chose different chains, but hopefully we do see some applications like this, I wonder if like a brosino could partner with a sports and they could set up a sports betting service

Partnerships is what is going to keep tokens growing.

Dcity brought my attention to tokens I had been ignoring. I am sure I am not the only one who threw a few HIVE a projects.

WEED already paid me threefold, but, big returns are easier when you are playing with small amounts.

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I belong to the HODL gang!

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Me too, but I only have a few 100,000.

If I had millions, I would cash just a few out while I could.

HODLing back when STEEM was above 2 was a mistake I learned from long ago.

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If we could get HIVE above $1 and stabilize it in that region it will be great for us all.

I never experienced Steem above $0.50

Wow! I was around for STEEM's BIG Pump.

I was barely starting and my 60 SP was giving out some 0.08 votes. It was insane.

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Wow! I was around for STEEM's BIG Pump.

I was barely starting and my 60 SP was giving out some 0.08 votes. It was insane.

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Wow 😀