How SPI tokens holders control the project's profitability - New ATH token price!!!

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Hello and welcome to this SPinvest post
SPinvest is a tokenized investment fund/club for all users of social blockchains. Everyone is welcome! The concept of SPinvest is to get rich slowly by using time tested methods of earning, saving and compounding long term. This lets SPinvest offer an ROI of 20% per year on SPI tokens. We encourage long term investing on and off the blockchain. We hope someday everyone will HODL some SPI tokens that can be bought directly from @spinvest are through the hive-engine


Why SPinvest is different

SPinvest is a project that has been operating for almost 18 months as we start week 26 of year 2. Many will have heard of this project before, some of you will have received SPI tokens from the 1-year LeoFinance anniversary giveaway others will have never heard of it before. SPinvest is a tokenized fund owned by its token holders meaning if you own 1% of all SPI tokens, you own 1% of everything SPinvest owns including HIVE wallets and all its off-platform assets. There is no trickery of words being used here, it is what it says on the tin.

What makes SPinvest different is its token holders generate its growth

There is no other token on hive engine where individual token holders have so much control over their actual investment. Im not talking about buying 1000 HIVE of a token and pumping its price, im talking about adding value, the real value to the project.

If you what to invest in a project where you can make a difference, leave your mark and pump up your investment all at the same time, SPinvest is where it is at. Right now we have 7 people contributing towards SPinvests growth. These 7 people produce 1000 HIVE a week in profits, 50% of which is paid directly through weekly dividends with the other 50% being used toward token price growth. It seems to be a working strategy, check out the SPI token price chart from year 2 started 6 months ago.
See the daily token price update by clicking here on discord

Yeah, that got your attention!!
As said this growth is dependent on people contributing toward to project and adding value. If you own any SPI tokens, it's in your best interests to do something for the project because all your actions pump your own bags. As an example, @jk6276 started the spinvest-leo account for SPinvest around 15 months back. It's a simple account that curate's LEO and does a weekly post, not to much work involved but when we see the holdings are worth over 28k HIVE, we see the power of the individual with a free hour every week. This represents around 8% of the total SPinvest fund are you part it another way, if JK never started the spinvest-leo account, the SPI token price today would be worth 3.10 HIVE instead of the 3.34 HIVE it is worth. His efforts make up for 0.267 HIVE of every single SPI token out there. It's not hard for 1 person to make a difference if they want to.

I just think what SPinvest could be doing if more people were actively involved. Support is great, commenting on posts, upvoting posts, receiving content all help but producing content, playing profitable games and curating is where it is at.

To wrap up, SPinvest has been set up to be run by its token holders in the best interests of its token holders. The SPI token is also its own governance token with key project changes and investments being voted on by token holders. If you want to blindly invest into shit tokens where operators get bored after a few months to abandon are give up on the project, be my guest but if you wanna invest in a token where you can make a difference and leave your mark im waiting on your DM (discord- silverstackeruk#3236 )


Or lets chat in the comments below

SPinvest's content is contributed by @silverstackeruk, @underground, @no-advice, @metzli & @taskmaster4450

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I recently purchased 6 tokens, (all I could afford with other things going on), now do I just let it sit in my wallet, or do I need to power them up? Or is there something else I need to do to get them to start working for me like delegating them somewhere?

I am still very new to the token/crypto game, so there is a lot I do not understand. I could ask the same about the 10 Discohedge tokens I recently purchased. I am trying to stay/get diversified token wise.

powering up is not an option. SPI is a pure investment token.
BUT, the underlying Hive used to purchase does go to the leases
and such, which increases earnings. Last I looked, the fund was
screaming towards 300,000 HIVE POWER at work. But the big
guns are the BTC investment, the TETHER Investments. Those
two alone were around 90% of the fund, "last I looked". 👍

Okay, so a buy it, hold it, wait for it to go up some, sell it, wait for it to go down and re buy it token. I can do that I think.

It'll not go down in value my friend 😀 SPI tokens are not build on hype and backed by actual assets earning passive incomes. Think of like saving money in the bank, in theory, your balance should never go down.

and FYI. BTC represents around 35% of the fund, HIVE POWER is 29% and hive-tokens are 23%. Our current tether holding is low. Anyways, you can check out teh weekly earnings and holdings post released every Saturday

I'd say stack it, HODL it and get you weekly div's then sell it when you wonna cash out.

Thank you that explains it in a manner I can understand.


Great Answer @spinvest!

Actually, in real terms of U$D, the graph is almost ALL UP!
The dips are not actually deep enough to make anything by shorting
it or buying the dips and selling the rise. This is truly an investment
to buy and hold until you need (or want) to Sell. I sold on a good upswing,
and I did front-run perhaps the biggest dip SPI has seen, and bought a good
non-crypto investment with the proceeds... but now, the recent run-up of
BTC is closing that gap. Hive dips really don't hurt SPI hardly at all. In fact
it never really hurts the overall value, its more like a temporary stall. BTC
and Tether keep the value in Fiat high at all times. Tether pays good interest too!

SPI is actively managed and the track record is very impressive ;)

Imagine the weekly payout if there were 15 people doing things on a regular basis.

Here is a thought: A comment blitz.

There are a handful of authors writing posts each week. Each of us can post 15-20 comments a week out of the SPInvest account. This will earn a few more tokens as well as putting the SPInvest name out there to other authors and readers.

I will get started on that this week. I hope others can find the time to do the same.

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I agree with you on more commenting, many of us don't have the time or creativity to post that much, but we should at least find the time to comment more.

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This is a great idea

Im gonna set myself a target of 3 per day, its almost like no extra work for someone that reads post anyways, just a few minutes in total.

I think you've got content for Thursday post :)

I can try to hold a Rabona contest if you want. People can guess who will be the winner of a league (one week) and I present different teams to vote at. Some hive in the pot to the winner - or RBN?
But I need someone to read my post befor posting - to check my english.

I am willing, and able to edit posts for the spinvest account.

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Can I send the text to you in discord? you can contact me minimining