Big Fish in a Small Pond

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When Engine-Tokens started, the opportunity to be a big fish, in a small pond was abundant.

You chose a tribe, bought a bunch of stake in it, using just a bit of your earned HIVE, you tagged such tribe in all your posts, and you curated from the tribe.

The relatively small HIVE investment, and the time investment in the tribe would make it so that even if your HIVE vote was 0.002, your tribe vote could earn 0.05 in tribe value when converted back to HIVE.

But the price of the Tokens kept dropping and dropping, as there was not a whole lot of buying support, but lots of earners blindly sellings, taking a profit when they could.

Which made the votes, although worth lots of tokens, not so worthwhile since there were not a whole lot of people to buy them.

We call those weak hands

Those of us who had strong hands, and are now enjoying the price of the tokens start their ascent back to where the original prices were.

Not all tokens of course, but enough of them, to let yourself spend time taking a closer look at where to spend some HIVE.

The all around feel of the HIVE Engine stats is up which to me means that a lot of the weak hands are gone (or have forgotten about their bags) and now there are more strong hands HODLing, which is why prices are slowly rising and maintaining their value.

Also, there are newbies coming into the game, and they are investing their bit of HIVE adding more buying pressure.

Do you see a different reason for the prices of HIVE tokens to be raising and holding?

I do know that my Hive Power gives me a measly vote that may get lost into dust, if the price keeps dropping or too many people decide to use their HivePower that day.

And I also know that the flippening has occurred for more than just leo.

It is too bad that most of those buying markets are less than 1000 Hive deep. But not too much of a problem when you realize it is a small group of investors, and nobody is trying to let go of their bags.


I am slow but now have over 2500 hive power almost 2600 and just keep on building. As for tokens I have just keep on building on my main ones ctp, spi, sports, eds, epc, leo and miners are my big ones that I just keep on staking. In the long run I think hive and the better hive tokens will grow in price. Not advice just what I am doing.

Slow and steady seems like a great strategy. I have read lots of places that it is not about timing the market, but about your time on the market.

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Although the communities are pretty small at the moment, some of them are growing in a rapid pace, for example Leo. From what I've seen there, most of them are holders dreaming about becoming a Leo lion.

Together we can achieve many great things!
Thanks for the read and have a great day!

It is kind of like stories of “overnight success” you tug along for a while and then suddenly, something hits and you see exponential growth.

We like to say it happened overnight, but tend to forget about all the nights we worked for no pay.

I think more tokens projects will gain value - and I look forward to it.

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Yeah, there is no overnight success! It's what people see when they're not really looking.

Have a great day ahead!

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It's kind of funny watching the old whales from steem and hive trying to get a bigger stake in Leo. They never upvoted me without me buying a vote so they won't get anything from me!

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Unless you remember that you are more than an upvote.

They may not get your upvote, but they get your time and attention. That’s with something too.

Are you a Leo Lion? Congratulations.

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I am sometimes just afraid that Hive IS the bag the way it just keeps devaluating

I think that sometimes.

Then I remember, STEEM was at 0.12 for a long time, then it split. Then both HIVE and STEEM doubled in price. Now both HIVE and STEEM are worth more than 0.12.

And some of the tokens ran up.

So maybe it is a constant bag, that sometimes fattens. And then losses some weight. Christmas is coming, I look forward to some feasts.

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I actually think this psychology is one of the reasons most of us are kidding ourselves about the growth potential of these tokens (NB Leo is the exception here, and Splintlerands too)

Besides those two mentioned EVERYTHING else is just the little people on Hive wanting to be a big fish in a smaller pond, hence the demand driven entirely from Hive - the price of which is going down, down and down.

Or, like Dcity, it's just half a dozen people who have made shit loads from Leo and Dec (and Bernie) having a a bit fun one upping each other.

There's no value in any of them outside of the whims of Hive users.

I find all this talk about other HE tokens which have no vision for expanding the ecosystem a bit desperate TBH!

The exception to this are those that look out - LEO and DEC/ Splinterlands.

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Desperation doesn’t look good on anyone.

I however like the idea of small communities. It is also good to remember that traditional blogging sites can make six figures a year in advertising- these micro communities could easily make that and divide that amongst their users.

Just because more tribes haven’t figured up how yet, doesn’t mean they won’t.

Of course, it also doesn’t mean that they will.

DCity has been fun for me, I like how all those big earners are putting their tokens back in there. It reminds me that one token making some abundance automatically makes abundance flow to
The other tokens.

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I guess having fun is the important thing.

TBH I don't think I could manage being more than 2 or 3 tribes anyway, it's just too much!

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I agree. I aim to read, comment and upvote on leo daily and I write weekly through @spinvest, but as far a games and tribes, I check in Periodically.

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