A Visit to JAHM Token

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Hello Investors,

Today we are delving into the bright colors of the JAHM Token.

A Look Into Jahm Token.jpg

Visit their page on PEAKD where the layout highlights the bright, artistic, creativeness of those who post through their community.

In its early stages JAHM was a travel token

Those who staked a certain amount of JAHM earned free hotel stays, and other vacation related services in the Caribbean.

There was also a general plan, to have JAHM used as a currency with a niche topic of "all things caribbean."

Today they are actively looking for businesses who's niche has to do with Reggae or Carribian Culture

The original plan is somewhat in action.

JAHM has a network of consumers with a spending power, earned with writing power. Seems like a platform ripe for networking

As long as the team keeps working towards the goal, and slowly adding more writers and network users, the token will have a specific use and therefor a value.

The community is small but mighty

There are about 9-12 posters per day, and most of those posts have engagement on them. I suspect that the ones who don't have comments will have them soon enough as they are relatively new posts.

Will you be investing enough to become a dolphin or whale in this micro community?

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Seems like they have had a big dump off in August and things have been flat since.


Thanks for the feature!
Reggaejahm went through a lot of dark times and drama, more than the eyes can see. But it is slowly picking up and actually becoming a community (ways to go). The price of JAHM? I don't really look at it they way many would, as I want to see a real reggae and Caribbean culture community with people not focused on the price of the token but on promoting and representing a culture they love. So consider it a community building phase.

Right now the JAHM Token can be used to purchase Reggae and HIPHOP instrumentals, still in experimental phase and I haven't even made a post about or told anyone, SpinVest heard it first thanks to yuh cute face😄

https://irie876.com/product-category/digital-goods/ buy some JAHM and try it out 😁

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You are very welcome! I bought some JAHM coins early on and even blogged a few times.

I really enjoyed the vibrancy of your community while visiting it. It surely was palpable.

Thank you for letting us know about the Reggae and HipHop instrumentals! It is a great time to be experimenting on the blockchain #BUIDL

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I am following this community and I even own several JAHM tokens. Like you said, a small but strong community. There is such a family atmosphere.

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Thanks for commenting.

Has it been a solid investment for you?

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