A Look at HiveCommerce Token

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Hivecommerce token is the brain baby of @thelogicaldude, and can be found of the engine labelled COM

Screenshot 2021-02-22 at 11.22.11 PM.png

This token came to life on Feb 01, 2021, and was created in an effort to bring all of the commerce communities on HIVE together.

The token seems to be a mesh of a few of our favorite things with a plethora of use cases:

  1. To buy and sell goods and services on the HIVE blockchain. It is not a pipe dream, the weedcash tribe already has a store up and running, and it was set up by @thelogicaldude, which is the same person behind this token.

  2. A miner of sorts. The token is in phase one, which is distribution/accumulation. During phase 2, those who have the token staked, will begin earning payouts in SIM and CTP

  3. An investment token. The token is backing a City in DCity, and is also building a stake in CTP. It is simultaneously making those communities stronger, and growing an investment for COM HODLERS. There is a plan to build on other in-hive networks as well.

  4. A community builder. @thelogicaldude could have easily scrapped the Hivehustlers token, but choose to take on its community and breath use into its token. Now, with COM, an attempt to bring all commerce together is being made.

  5. A BUIDL project. Another use case for HIVE in general.

How can you get this token?

You can either buy it, or you can earn it by HODLing HiveHustler, HustlerMiners or LIST tokens.
Of those only LIST can be earned, and is earned by being active on HiveList

Running marketplaces on the blockchain is in its infancy

It makes sense that we should be able to do this. The three second, free, transactions that are available on the blockchain make it a no brainer.

But, we just aren't fully there yet. We haven't figured out what to do about the volatility of the market, and we aren't quite "there" yet.

However, it seems like backing this project is like investing in the infrastructure of what is to come.

The web pages set up are straight forward, easy to look at, and working. Communication and road maps are laid out and being worked on. There is communication with the community. Is this enough to bring investors?

Will you be buying/earning COM tokens? Why or why not?

this post was written by @metzli. thank you for taking the time to read


I bought some!

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Let us know how that works out for you!

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Curentley I am holding and staking List tokens. Its an interesting idea and I hope that the project keeps going. Lol, I would love to see list hit 1 or 2 hive again, but I sorta doubt that will happen for a long time ... like Sometime next year, or if @thelogicaldude rolls out some EPIC app that utilizes these tokens. I do see the vision and invested into it.

Funny you should say that... post is in the works... patience is a virtue, lol.

@thelogicaldude SWEEEETTTTT!
Side note : I work with Chris over at D.Buzz and am the designer who worked on the list logo from him. :D It made me maybe very happy to know that you are using it.

Hive on bro, and let me know how I can help.


Awesome! Thanks for the hard work!

Thank you so much for the article! I am working on some cool things that I think will only help! More info coming soon!

I look forward to reading about it.

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I got some LIST tokens from interacting with some posts (don't remember which one) so I staked it. I plan to just stake the tiny amount of COM tokens as I get them for the future dividend. I'll just consider it as free income and it should help the token keep it's value.

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I am staking them so that I can eventually use them to buy stuff.

T-shirts, candles, face masks, handmade soap - I’m building my stake to go shopping!

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That's a nice goal to have. I plan to leave it alone as a source of passive income when the project takes off. It should add up over time and the amount of COM I generate should drop, but it should be worth at least something.

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I have no plans for buying any stuff as of now and I hold these token (LIST ,COM ,HUSTLERS) because I see a vision and a enterprise that can go big that will give some nice value to my holdings.

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I'm staking the ones that come in up. Still did not buy into them, as I focus on two coins now that I want to reach a target in, but after that, I will definitely look into.

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Yes, collecting tokens seems easier when you concentrate on a couple at a time.

I picked a few tokens a while back ago and invested. Now I watch them sit and accumulate.

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What did you pick? I'm asking as I'm to lazy to check it in HE. :)

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Sports, neoxian, weed, stem, palnet.

And Leo of course - but my LEO stake has been building since Leo started.

Some COM has been appearing in my wallet lately so I staked it. Had no idea what it was but assume, reading this, that it came from upvoting other's posts. I don't think I'll be buying any at this point though. There are so many choices and I seem to be ending up with lots of little stakes in too many coins. My overall strategy is slowly forming though. So that's good! 😊

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COM does not come directly from upvoting, it comes from staking hustler, hustler miner, or list.

You probably HODL some of those tokens if you are getting them.

Lots of little stakes happens to me too - but some of those little stakes can add up.

I don’t think it is necessary to actively collect everything but I do think it’s a good idea to keep them instead of selling immediately.

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it comes from staking hustler, hustler miner, or list.

You're right. I just checked and I have some Hustler staked. I have no idea what it does or where it came from though. 😂


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Well, I can't tell you where it came from, but I can tell you that for now it is mining COM for you.

Maybe by the time commerce is in full swing, you'll have enough to buy yourself a little something.

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