Rabona: Dancing with the Stars

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Music Invests into Football - Champions League achieved

As a music account I became crazy for sports, for football and this crazy investment opportunity on the hive chain. Music 99 is now part of the big boys, part of the scene, not the headliner but playing with them. A party that could become a disaster but also a fun challenge. I might arrange some half-time music events soon for Rabona.

Six seasons League 2, Three seasons League 1

My career was a steady growing one without massive investments, actually I am pretty surprised to be now in the League of the best. The first two matches where ties - the last one showed me that my team probably is one of the weakest in the league.

Screen Shot 20201213 at 22.44.06.png
Time for investing into players or training or brain to create different strategies? We will see. Wish me luck to survive.

Financial side - all good

Even I am killed and relegated in my first season at least I have a good ROI and the new ad contract lasts 4 seasons, even I need to work on the curve direction at the moment :-).

Screen Shot 20201213 at 22.50.15.png

Entry photo "for free use": https://www.pexels.com/photo/action-adult-american-football-athletes-303353/


What do you plan to do with the ROI? Reinvest it or cash out for other projects?

Thank you

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reinvest for now @alexvan