I am a FarmFarmer!

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I had heard about the new game from the @Splinterlands people, and today I saw this post saying it had launched in pre-alpha. I immediately bought some #NFT #FarmFarmer cards. Here's what I got!

kenny-crane's FarmFarmer game MFT card collection

Here is the post about FarmFarmer being live pre-alpha:

So what you can do is, buy some cards, stake them (kind of like powering them up), earn $FARM. Then stake $FARM and earn $FARMGOV. Then burn some $FARMGOV to change the game rules.

The cards are limited in quantity and could appreciate in value. Many people were saving up #DEC or cash to buy Land in #Splinterlands but we just learned that it will be harder for less than wealthy people to participate in the pre-sale. More about that, here:


If you decided you have little chance of getting Land in Splinterlands, perhaps consider getting FarmFarmer NFT cards while they last! I still hope to get some Splinterlands Land but I got some FarmFarmer cards too, just in case I end up landless. I didn't want to be landless and farmless!

Happy Farming! :)


It's a new thing for me and I need to go through itm thanks for sharing