Telling the world about WLeo with Meme's and my thoughts on races and winning a meme contest

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Images are worth a thousand words...

Indeed that is so true and add in a few words that turns the image into a meme and has a much far reaching and deeper meaning.

The above meme is how hard it is to keep social distancing with food (read your favorite special food ) while you are on a diet.

Talking of social distancing...

While talking of social distancing one cannot help but mention one thing I would I would never like to keep any social distancing from is the Leo token and the community

Yes the same community that is over 14 months old and is blooming an flourishing brilliantly due to the vision and hard work put in by @khaleelkazi and all those unnamed hard working people like the person(s) behind @leofinance

The Leo token has had the potential right from the very beginning . A lot of coins tokens and projects have potential however not all work so methodically towards achieving your goals like the Leo team has.
It is a community driven project so we the people that are part of the ecosystem need to do our bit to promote the Leo token.

One of the the things that we could do is to tell our friends about the success story that the Leo token is crafting and the opportunities it is creating along the way.

The path of the curve where Leo is called the takeoff point
Leo is at a critical point
The Leo token as most of the community knows is the community/ tribe token of the ecosystem

Leo and the brand new opportunity

What is hot and happening for the Leo token is the ability to wrap leo and transform it to the wLeo token which is its ERC-20 version.
What this means is that it can be traded against ethereum and other ERC-20 tokens and another big new is its entry onto the DeFi space.

wLeo into Defi

The journey of Leo to wLeo gives you the opportunity to invest the wLeo token into a liquidity pool and earn rewards in the process.

Lets tell the world about Leo wLeo with memes

dive in.jpg

Memes are a powerful tool and could be used to spread the word about the Leo project.

No need to have big money to get into DeFi

Normally the DeFi game needs $1000 or more to get started and the stakes are high.
Luckily one could get started with DeFi by investing into wLeo with an initial investment worth $100 in Leo tokens.

So if one were to move it to the liquidity pool and left it there for 90 days one could earn not just the LP rewards but also a bounty being run by leo finance.

If you are looking to earn some money to work towards that $100 investment you could try to make a meme and participate in the meme contest here

Memes are a powerful tool that one can use to tell stories do marketing or win a contest.

Where do you invest $100 ?

If I were to invest $100 Leo/wLEo looks like a solid investment.
The Leo Chart Looks Pretty interesting

Though this is just my view and the standard disclaimer is that this is not financial advice.

If Leo were a horse

I love races and all forms of competitive sports. However If there were a race with Leo (the financial project) as one of the participants I would put my money on it.
Disclaimer : sports betting can be fun but please do not bet more than what you can afford to lose.

If you were to invest $100 where would you put you money?

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I can relate to your meme
It happens to me all the time

It is tough to keep away from food specially while on diet

You bet it is for sure

do you follow any special diet?

oh I have tried a couple on and off

you are right about memes they are indeed quite a powerful tool

It is tough to keep away from food specially while on diet

Do you think one can make a living making memes

Some people get paid big money however if one believes one can simply start making memes and see the big bucks coming in that would be wrong.
Memes making is a creative field so if you enjoy the journey of making memes you may excel and end up making money.
However if you try to make money by making money there may be too much pressure and it may be bad for your creativity.
Just my thought. Memes can be a two edged sword and one needs to be careful how to use this powerful weapon/tool

Hey @twistytango I see you have already started earning with memes
as a winner of the memechallenge you sure are watching the hive bucks rolling in
Congrats! and good luck

thanks a ton

I find a certain flow and like the way you have transitioned form one point to another. A little upvote and a resteem coming your way :)

Thanks for the encouragement. Appreciate it

From my experience I can tell you this stuff works and memes can be really very effective tool to both communicate with your audience and also market and sell any concept.
Keep doing it and you keep getting better at it.
Hope to see more such stuff coming regularly from you

Thanks for the positive words of encouragement.
Sure this kind of pep talk keeps one going
Thank you !