Will HIVE survive the Reddit's initiative called "Community Points"?

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It's not that far away until Reddit will actually roll out their own community-specific points/tokens.

Will people even think of coming to platforms like HIVE, when they could literally just use Reddit with its already established communities? Everybody knows Reddit, it has millions of users!

HIVE is in a big trouble and I think it needs a change.

Please read this post from @ats-david:


or this one from @therealwolf:


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I use Reddit more than Hive, and I don't think both have much in common besides upvotes and downvotes. Hive is meant for posting original content, Reddit mostly for sharing links and images. Reddit is a website that tries to become an app, Hive is a much broader platform. And Reddit is not a free speech zone anymore.

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Let me guess??Ethereum token or TRON..Yawn Hive will be ok..

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They're using Ethereum's test net for the pilot in two subreddits. There's no way Reddit rewards could run on Ethereum's main net, so it would have to be something like Tron or a 'permissioned blockchain'.

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