What's up with Hive token price?

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So this is pretty weird...

The Hive 7 day moving average, 25 day moving average, and 99 day moving average have all converged after this price spike on Binance.

It's weird having 100k coins in my wallet now because any time the price moves 1 penny that's +/- $1000 to my wallet. Today I was looking at my wallet via Hive Keychain and noticed the value in the $16k range (16 cents) but in the past few hours it's been $18k. Weird how I can now determine the price just by eyeballing Hive Keychain.

What's even weirder is considering how much money I make per year. I filed my taxes for 2019 just to get the stimulus check. I made $12k last year. High roller. I made around the same in 2018. Really makes even myself wonder where all this money came from :D

To be fair I did generate some hype with friends and family and I do owe quite a good chunk of money back to those people. Still, it feels nice to be so heavily invested even after getting railed so hard during this 3 year long bear market.

And here we are, approaching the dreaded fourth year of the Bitcoin bull cycle. I'm pretty sure 2021 is gonna be a doozy considering everything that's going on.

Now that MicroStrategy has purchased $425M worth of BTC... sorry make that 38,250 BTC because dollars are dumb. In any case, my point is, everyone talks about how Bitcoin is strongly correlated to the stock market. Well, what happens when all the corporations who invest in Bitcoin are doing well and all the ones that aren't start bleeding? That would be quite the correlation indeed. I can't even imagine the chain-reaction of FOMO that would inspire.

As a friendly reminder, I'm also betting that a Bitcoin ETF will get approved right at the tip of the next peak (Q4 2021?). They'll let all that FOMO money enter the market right when it's about to crash 80%. I'll have my popcorn ready. No, it's not a smart idea to leverage your house to buy $200k Bitcoin! Jesus.

In any case I should be programming right now but I can't concentrate. Took the day off work because it was offered to me but I doubt I'll get anything useful done. Need to pull it together. "Tomorrow is my day."


Just imagine that 12k a year would go to Facebook if you would write there instead of here.
You ask where all this money comes from?
From the data you create.
From your information.
From your engagenent.

20% of the way to being a whale.

Yeah I know right... pretty mind-blowing when put in those terms... considering my outlook when we were trading between $3-$8. Now a spike to $10 means I'm a millionaire. Equally mind-boggling.

And remember, it snowballs. The first 100k is the hardest. Now give it like 3 days and you'll be at 200k.

Ha, indeed. For me it's about trying to generate real value with dapps, but you already know all about that. Gogo team @hextech.

That’s awesome. I hope to get there some day.

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