I Paid For My CAR With HIVE

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2 years ago I bought a car on installments like anyone else my age later a friend of mine told me about a blog that paid for posting good content.
At the time Steem pumped and I posted things about short trips he did on my weekends.
I joined steem and then Hive came up with the Sun alternative, at the time I did power up and voted like all of you.
well time went by and my travel post was appreciated by some "whales"

I bought the car in the month of May 2019 I gave about 14 thousand dollars
In the first year of the hive's existence, new ideas and fantastic games emerged. I ended up entering Dcity and spending some hives, but the game got me hooked and I invested more and more with good returns.
And I started using the game and my posts
At the beginning of January I had about 9000 hives with the goal of reaching 10 thousand and doing power up.

My dream has always been to have a BMW 1 series, I think it's a beautiful, city car for a young man like me
thumbnail_IMG_1159 copy.jpg

After a survey at the standvirtual I was in love with this car, 14 thousand dollars with credit for 4 years gave a monthly fee of approximately 350 dollars monthly
2013 car with 80 thousand km






I leave the photos here to fall in love as much as I do

As I was saying in January I was getting ready to power up when the hive started taking off, I thought I could pay for the missing part of the car with Hive if he got around 1 dollar, so I waited a little and a little longer.

I was doing accounts and Missed me about 8000 dollars to pay for the car that would take me another 2 years of credit and 1600 euros of approximate interest.

on the 28th i was talking to my friends about hive when i noticed that it had exploded and at the moment it was 83 cents on the dollar, well i didn't have much time because there was very little to pay for my car and get rid of the damn credit

I ended up selling everything too soon but it had more than 90% of the value and with a little more mine I would be able to pay everything without much effort, because wages in Portugal are very low

I got up from Binance to my Bank!


Conclusion i paid more than 50% of my car with my job at hive
On the one hand I am sad because I will build from 0, my feeling is that I shouldn't have done it but kept it and accumulate on the other hand I think I did well because at this moment I have my debt saved.
Well HIVE has these things and this is my true story, I hope you like it and don't be upset with me because I used the money for a good cause.
Thanks for reading, see you soon.


Wow , man that is super cool yeah what these high prices people are taking profits and well they are enjoying themselves such as yourself, great Job bro you earned it

The ultimate joy is that it came to you when you needed it the most, no regrets here at all, you’ll build again no doubt,...

That’s some lovely beauty there, you got some pretty nice taste...the BMW is an amazing choice...

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Vi que você é de Portugal e então vou escrever em Português (apesar do meu ser do Brasil)

Rapaz, isso é fantástico. E Maravilhoso. Não precisa se arrepender. Essa coisa de esperar ou vender sempre vai existir na gente e tudo vai depender do momento nosso e do que precisamos. E você pagou o SEU CARRO com o trabalho daqui. Está ótimo.

Talvez HIVE possa subir mais e você deixar de ganhar? Sim, como qualquer outras coisas em nossas vidas que a gente jamais vai ter essa resposta. Pois se fosse assim, se a gente soubesse antes, nossa vida seria sempre perfeita não é?

E só para você saber, eu tenho juntado criptos também e minha maior vontade e pagar todo o valor que me resta do carro que eu tenho financiado. Além de outras contas. E se eu conseguir isso, eu já estaria muito feliz.


You shouldn't feel guilt for converting your Hive! Congrats on getting debt free!
Ganda Drew transformar uma cidade virtual num BMW 🤣

Very nice. Now keep using Hive so you can pay for the gas, too. 😁

Nice looking car!

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Dude it is money that you made here and you will make it again. An awesome way of actually using the hive here is so cool!

We used to joke about buying lambos, now we actually buy BMWs! You're living the dream and that is awesome.

Parabéns, @drew0!💰👏🏽

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Very inspiring especially to those who are losing hope about hive.

What a huge achievement mate, congrats. One less obstacle towards financial freedom ;)