Some Supermarkets Get Cleaned Out Of Essential Goods Before The Holidays

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While there are many stores that are well stocked and ready for Christmas and the holiday rush, others like Coles and Woolworths just recently got cleaned out of their essential items.

Disinfectant wipes are also being sold out in more places right now than other items too, and might be more difficult to find than things like hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and many basic household goods.

For the most part we see that shelves are stocked with canned goods, pet food, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and more. Grocery stores providing their own off brand alternatives help to flood the market with more options, and some have also already put purchase limits into place to prevent a run on any products that might clear the shelves for others.

There are some products, like certain toys and Christmas trees, which might be much harder to come by right now because they're sold out in many places. However, when it comes to essential goods and food, we might not have to worry about seeing the same empty shelves like we saw earlier this year in March and for weeks after.

But again, for some places like Coles and Woolsworth in Australia, they've been cleaned out recently of some of their essential goods as you can see below.

New Lockdown Restrictions Suggested

Toilet paper shelf supply allegedly got cleaned out only within hours of possible new restrictions being announced, the government wants tougher measures despite their lockdown efforts already being criticized for allegedly enabling a breach of human rights.

It was just this week that the West Australian Premier M. McGowan had suggested that the NSW region should adopt the same lockdown measures as other regions in Australia, like Victoria and South Australia, to get more aggressive in reducing the COVID-19 numbers.

Residents that had the ability too are already buying whatever they can in the way of essential goods like toilet paper and other items. But it might not take long for the stores to get those shelves filled up again as many have been anticipating such a rush and have set extra supplies aside to try and meet any uptick in demand. They don't want the same situation that we faced earlier this year.



Oh my, oh my, people are once again panicking like sheep. They never learn and that's why they're lead like sheep through this fake pandemic.

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everyone is a sheep but you right? 🤣🤡 might wanna chill on the self righteousness

I'm not the only one of this kind :))

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Oh good!
At least some people will be getting something useful for Christmas!

Wait... that's not what you meant, is it?