Millions Had To Get Comfortable With Cashless Payments This Year

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A variety of businesses this year opted to only do exchanges with cashless payment methods, credit card or debit etc, and that meant that for those who still preferred to pay with cash that their choices were now limited.

The cashless payment trend has been accelerated this year, as many turned to cashless payments to also avoid unnecessary contact with others, or payment tools in stores etc.

In previous circumstances, where we used to tip the waiter while you sat down and had dinner with your family, or after the delivery guy dropped off your pizza etc, these have changed. Curbside pickup, online shopping, and no-contact food delivery are the top trend of the day.

1 in 3 people now use digital wallets or cashless payments to get their goods.

A vast majority, it's estimated more than 60 percent of respondents from a recent worldwide Generation Pay survey, have suggested that the transition to contactless payments is helping to make their lives a lot easier and more convenient.

Still, despite the convenience there might be, many people still prefer to operate with cash. But whether they want to or not, this year brought many struggles to doing just that and a variety of businesses stop accepting cash and transitioned to contactless payments instead.

There might be more convenience with contactless payments but there are still many who would prefer to continue using cash over anything else. The support for having those payment alternatives has even prompted US representatives to previously introduce legislation that has sought to ban cashless stores.

Today, credit cards and debit cards are already the preferred payment method for many, but still cash isn't far behind. There still might be a long way to go yet, if ever, we are to see a truly cashless society.



I look forward to cashless if it's in the form of crypto and coin. I'd love to find a community where I can trade in silver.

i dont like to part with my precious lol

I mainly want to sell my jewelry for silver.

I'm more happy more vendors are getting more comfortable.