Cannabis Exclusion: Not So Pro-Business In Texas

Texas legalzed hemp back in 2019 with House Bill 1325 and this meant that hemp products and those made with hemp-derived extracts like CBD would be able to start making their way to market and the hands of those who need them. There is great potential for cannabis in Texas, including industrial hemp farming, and they just recently harvested their first crops in 80 years there.

Still though, cannabis is illegal for recreational purposes and medicinal use is severely restricted.

By allowing cannabis markets to flourish in Texas it could mean bringing in billions of dollars in the way of tourism and cannabis sales. It is also suspected that it might even help to create some 40k jobs or more and all they would have to do would be to stop infringing upon the natural rights of people to buy, grow, and possess this plant. It's that simple. The state could choose to start prioitizing other activities and wake up to the ignorance and corruption that continues to be the war on drugs.

The government doesn't seem interested in respecting the liberty of anyone when it comes to cannabis, that is clear by the amount of control still exerted in legal markets and the lack of decriminalization, as well as cannabis arrests that still take place. They are simply interested in profits that can come from these exchanges, which is why a growing number of places are looking to make acceptance for cannabis now in order to help fund their failing and bankrupt budgets. But cannabis patients shouldn't be exploited with violence in order to help resolve budget issues for any collective. Unfortunately though, that continues to be the trend of the day and they end up taxing it to the point that it becomes unaffordable for many and increasingly cannot compete with black market options. Making their entire initiative counter-productive altogether, if they say their goal is taking profits from those black markets.

Rather than taking a look at money issues that exist now, fixing where they might be overspending etc, they just want to find a new group to exploit, more exchanges to tax and that's going to be cannabis users and growers etc. Mind you, paying the tax and having that lawful access is worth the exchange to many, who aren't willing to sacrifice their safety and peace, going with the risk that comes with doing otherwise. For some who need cannabis, they will have to choose between medicating themselves and treating their illness and symptoms, or going without while visiting friends and family that might be in Texas. This is unjust, it's cruel, and it's unnecessary. And it plays out in many states still that restrict cannabis use.

Budding Hemp Business

Cannabis use still has a long way to go before it is going to be as normalized as drinking on a daily basis might be, something that has become normal for millions of people to do and proudly post about on their social media without a second thought of any negative judgement that might come with it. That same experience isn't there for many cannabis users who still hide their use because they fear the judgement that might come from others.

The support and boasting about the daily or regular drinking is hypocritically acceptable behavior for many who still support cannabis criminalization. One could argue that cannabis has far fewer risks posed to the individual, especially to families and society, than alcohol. Considering all of the destruction to communities and families that alcohol has fueled over the years it is unfathomable how cannabis could ever be looked at as a bigger threat or something to still criminalize, especially in a place like Texas that has frequently incorporated messages of freedom into its cultural fabric.

A growing number of CBD and hemp companies there are going to try and help that by spreading awareness with cannabis products, like hemp-based vodkas or CBD lotions etc, showing people the wide range of value that can come from this plant. There is nothing to fear and there is no need to criminalize it.



Absolutely the 2008 farm bill was a huge boon to Farmers allowing them to cash in with massive amounts of much-needed material which then allowed a huge explosion in jobs.

With certain States still fighting progress it is only going to be a matter of time before they start seeing the community avoiding those States and importing more CBD oil rather than producing it helping out States who actually know what to do and how to process.

It's pretty phenomenal when you realize that that entire field gets turned into 55 gallon drums of CBD oil.