Amazon, Citigroup and Others Pause U.S. Political Donations Over Recent Capitol Incident

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After the recent incident at the capitol now Amazon, Citigroup, and others, have moved to temporarily pause donations to some political representatives in the United States. Particularly they are looking to block the funds of those republicans who voted to recently oppose the certification of Biden's win.

"Given the unacceptable attempt to undermine a legitimate democratic process, the Amazon PAC [political action committee] has suspended contributions to any member of Congress who voted to override the results of the U.S. presidential election," - Amazon spokesperson J. Seth.

Several companies are now moving to put a pause on donations to political representatives as they await the upcoming transition of power to a new administration.

This includes AT&T, Facebook, Microsoft, Ford Motor, Verizon, American Express, and a list of others.

This likely isn't going to be any sort of a permanent move and is only temporary, at least until they see Biden become the new president. These corporations often prefer to fund both parties as this is known to help to increase their chances of having more success in working with lawmakers on both sides for one legislative cause or another. But right now they are pulling back for some.

Other companies that have joined in with those pausing donations include Coca Cola, BP, Goldman Sachs, Hallmark, and others.

Some are even asking political representatives to return some of their funding that they have already received. Various company representatives have asserted that they are suspending contributions to any lawmakers who undermine democracy and who vote against the election certification.

In the coming weeks if there are any more issues like that which recently took place, then we might see this list grow quickly to include many other corporations. And perhaps we will also see lawmakers search out alternatives at some point, if they are left with no choice, to secure new funding that they need.



They don't realize they are demonstrating to these elected officials why we need decentralized payments. If the officials weren't listening in the past, they are now.

I doubt they are listening. This is all about power and while the hate it right now, moving towards decentralized payments will undermine the USG's ability to control what people do.

Politicians do not want that because then it will take away their power.

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