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LeoDex is the hot new thing from the Steemleo platform and its been around for a month now. It already has one improvement iteration.

Depositing through LeoDex is cheaper than alternative services with a 0.25% fee on deposits and 0.35% fee for withdrawals. It is mobile-friendly, fast and features a more user-friendly interface. It also has an advanced wallet page, open orders tab and some other additions.


n this report, we will be looking into the daily transactions, deposits and withdrawals on the LeoDex exchange.

LeoDex uses the @leodex account as a gateway for STEEMP. When you deposit STEEM, it gets transferred to the @leodex account, and then it gets instantly converted into STEEMP and sent back to your account.

The data will be presented for the period between 10/27/2019 to 11/25/2019.

This is basically the period when LeoDex has been operational.

Deposits to LeoDex

Below is a chart that represents the STEEM deposits on LeoDex.


We can see a nice uptrend over the last few days on the dex with a daily peak of 10k STEEM on 11/23/2019.

The average STEEM deposited for the period is around 1000 STEEM daily with total of 32,577 STEEM deposited in the period.

Here is the overall chart on deposits:


Sharp increase in the last days!

Users that deposited the most on LeoDex

Here are the users that deposited the most on LeoDex.


The @zaku account is in first place with around 14k STEEM deposited, next comes with 4k STEEM and @riseofth with almost 2k STEEM deposited.

A total of 660 users deposited more than 1 STEEM.

Withdrawals from LeoDex

Now let’s take a look at the withdrawals.

Below is a chart that represents the Steem withdrawals on LeoDex.


On the withdrawals chart we can also notice a few spikes in large sums as for the deposits in the last few days. A total of 26,354 STEEM was withdrawn trough LeoDex over this time period.

Users that withdraw the most from LeoDex

Here are the users that withdrawn the most on LeoDex:


The @zaku account is on the first place with around 7.7k STEEM withdraw, next comes @steem.leo with 4k and with more than 2.2k STEEM withdraw.

A total of 65 users withdraw more than 1 STEEM. Quite a smaller number than the 660 users that made deposit.

STEEM Deposits VS Withdrawals on LeoDex

Below is a chart on the monthly deposits vs withdrawals put together for comparison.


As expected, the amount of Steem deposited is larger than the amount withdrawn.
A total of 32,577 deposited and 26,354 withdrawn, or a difference of 6,223 STEEM.

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Ahh nice stats, I need to deposit more. Thanks for amazing service :D

Glad that you find it usefull :)

Is there a plan to add trade history so people can see what they bought and sold tokens for in the past?

This needs to be done by the steem-engine team. There is no public api for trade history.

Man and they just posted about an upgrade and it's still not there :/

Haven't tried it yet, I'll give a try today and buy some leo :D

Its a no brainer ... less fees :)

Awesome info as usual.

Thanks rolland!