A billion dollar inside scoop

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Hello fellow hive/leo investment crowd. I'm here to talk about a dream that I had 2 months ago. A dream that as time passes becomes more and more evident to be true.


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In the dream I saw a huge mountain that at first didn't have anything to do with price. It was an enourmous mountain without a context, until someone asked me: 'What is the date at the top?' There were many people echoing: 'Yea tell us what date the top is.' Then I zoomed at the bottom of the mountain. There it was 22. july.


meme edit by me

When I woke up and sat down on my computer, I started to remember the dream and how it was kind of like a meme I had seen way before. Funny how life works, however now we have a date to work with, it'll make life so much more easier.


bitcoin log chart from https://www.blockchaincenter.net/

The dream also got a slight confirmation today as I was browsing the web and saw this chart from 2014 which predicts 100k$ bitcoin in 16.july this year. I'm sure we'll trend higher than 100k$ per bitcoin this cycle buy not by much. Seeing as this pump has been playing out way faster than the previous one. General rule of bitcoin is that the longer we take to pump the higher we would trend on the regression line.

Thanks for reading and hope you don't sell on the other side ;)


Gotta get buying.

deja vu :P

I was thinking a slower pump until the end of the year. That old 2014 chart is pretty accurate, so maybe your dream will come true. 🙂

Coming back to this post on the 22nd of July for sure.

great read! time to start pumping more in this bullrun it seems! :DD

up only

Remember to pay yourself first and grab some profits along the way until you're playing with house money, risk-free. May it peak on July 22nd 2245!


So what would you estimate for ETH/XRP/BNB/ADA perhaps? Maybe you have some sort of an idea of the prices to come?
A lot of speculation goes around ETH reaching 10k$ in this or the upcoming year, what are you thinking about that?

Your dream will come true. Bitcoin will move a lot more

Thank you very much sir, for sharing very useful information, for us, I hope you are always healthy and always successful @ubg

That chart from the blockchaincenter is one of my favorites from back in the day. Still refer to it from time to time. Looking forward to BTC 100k soon, the optimism seems to be back.