It Was Close - But I Got 5/5 Goals for March CUB - HP - LEO - CINETV... Whats Next?

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Honestly didn't think I would make it after my last post. The CUB pump, plus the HIVE pump after I bought LEO was a big hit in spending power to hit my last GOAL for CUB

The month has been a wild ride in crypto - and things are popping off everywhere. Things appear to be getting spicy in crypto after some dull times here in Alt world. While BTC was building up - it took a while to get down to the Alts.

Good for those who were buying, or at least not selling everything during the lows.

I only had one goal left after my issues getting CUB at $2, and that was 250 CUB - And Earn 1 CUB a day. At the time with the rates in the DEN 250 was the number I needed to get 1 CUB a day.

While the plan was to use my Splinterland Card sales to buy back up my HIVE stake - I have been rethinking that approach. I have been converting DEC > HIVE given the exchange rates are close to PAR and leaving the HIVE on Hive-Engine.

Yesterday I was in the LEO discord - and said if someone bought my Prince Rennyn I would dump it all into CUB. The card was posted at $199 and was my biggest sing card left in my collection.


I check the balances in Splitnerlands a few times a day looking for DEC to sweep. Sales have really picked up as the market is getting really thin. Right after i swept 36k, I refresed and saw 199k...... Well well, I checked the logs and someone decided to take a 3 of 16 Rennyn that were listed off the market, 1 maxed, 1 5bx, and a single I think.

After converting to HIVE I was sitting on 500 SWAP.HIVE, and 1100 Liquid HIVE. While my orinigal intent was to go back to 1700 liquid and decide where to invest, I have been getting more CUB fomo.



I think I understand why people like this DEFI thing. After they adjusted the DEN from x10 to X15 - I was right around 1 CUB per day, but still short of the 250. Since I put it in writing that I would roll Prince R right into CUB - I decided to do that. I rolled 500 SWAP.HIVE into LEO > bLEO (worked perfect this time) and dumped them right in the DEN where they belong in my mind.
Screenshot 2021-03-31 7.59.34 PM.png

That looks pretty good. While its tempting to go all into, and push to 500 CUB. I am going to hold off for a few days and consider how I manage my CUB.

  • What do do with my earnings? 185% is Great - but that pays in CUB. As I get into April I will need to get a plan for how often I harvest, and how often I compound it in for more returns. Not sure if I should build up a balance and trade some to bLEO or back into Hive at some point.

  • What is the right amount? If I did go all in and buy up to 500 CU BI think the return is about 2.5 CUB a day. At the current price that's around $10 - and I would have to split that and start to pull some back into HIVE for other opportunities and account growth. Not sure that is in my risk tolerance right now.

Honestly - that last 250 & 1 CUB/DAY started to feel really unlikely. As today marks the end of my Q1 back on HIVE I will need to set some goals for Q2. I know time will be my biggest factor. As the weather gets nice I will struggle to find time to sit inside and put in effort for a mediocre post like this one.


All my power is delegated over there CINETV is on 100% powerup. So far I have managed to take the 2030 CINE power I bought and grow it to 2149 from curation. I power up 100% of everything - as fast as I can.

I am not really have the growth I wanted - at least compared to the payouts on the posts. I would honestly have better returns writing a few articles a week than curation. I may have to consider a delegation to BRO for a while - and reassess. Hard to see how I can keep my stake growing fast enough to keep up with content creators now. If feels so backwards from my HIVE experience.


I added a 50% weighted vote to both @myprecious and @ssg-community and with my manual voting it appears to be running pretty smooth. Having a vote over $0.15 is a great feeling.

leo logo.JPG

Turns our I can't have my LEO Curation account follow onealpha.leo. Its HP is so low a 2% 40 HP vote wont trigger as its dust. Right now I am trying to manually curate, but not sure its worth it. I think my daily return on 1000 LEO is .3 LEO if I am right. Growth from curation will be so slow I doubt it will matter. I think I will just turn the vote to 10x on That way LEO posts get the max - even if I am only voting at 25% on the curation trials.


  • HP 5033
  • HIVE 1136
  • CINE 2149
  • LEO 1000
  • CUB 324


Initial Q2 Goals -

  • HP 5500
  • HIVE 1000
  • CINE 3000
  • LEO 1100
  • CUB 400

Some of these seem easier than others. If everything goes as well in Q2 as Q1 I will blow these out of the water, but I know something(s) will change. Just going to focus on moving forward and remember none of this really matters, it will all be OK


~~ @senstless


324 CUB is pretty stout 👍👍

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It feels like good amount, 324-500 feels like the right range for me and could turn some serious profits for me if CUB holds inthe same range for 90 days.

Nice, I'm glad you were able to get more Cubs in the den. I should sell the Splinterlands cards I never use, I have plenty. What do you use to track the sales? monster market?

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Go swap them out for a cool 1250 CUB! I used peakmonsters for the bulk listing feature - and did mine based off lowest single bcx not lowest total since mine were not maxed. DM if you got questions.