My Benifits on Hive Blog

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Hello everyone on Hive Blog!

Have a nice day!

Today I would like to share you my
benifits on Hive Blog Blockchain.
It is a big achievement in my life.


Hive blog has been around for almost a year. In the meantime I have been posting about life cultures and cryptocurrency.
Based on this blockchine I collected
Hive Power and Pal Leo CTP CCC
Archon ect... HE Tokens.


My Hive Power

Last year I have got some Steem tokens. At that time Hive Blog Decentralize Blockchain appeared. I sold steems and I bought about 150 Hive for Hive Power. Now My Hive power is 405.


My Pal Power

Also I have got idea to buy HE pal token to power up. At that time I got over 6000 pal power about $20. Now I have got over 9000 pal power. It is equal current value $ 52.


My Target on CTP

I have only recently learned about CTP. My target on CTP is to reach
100 power first. Now I own 34 and
17 ctp power. I expect to reach 50 ctp power on next week. I deligated
200 power to @ctpsb and he gave
me ctp tokens one time a week according my deligation HP.
Thanks a lot @ctpsb.


My journey to LEO Platform

It is a fantastic staying on Leofinance. Everything is very useful on that. I love the most is
Leo. Dex. It is a very good place
to trade HE Tokens. My total posts
on Leo is 63. I got 1.6 leo and 22 leo power. It is a good achievement.
Now my terget is to reach 100 leo power.

I have known Cryptocurrency for
2 years. I had no money to invest on that. But I did bloging. Now I
have got $124 by currently calculation. In future I expect the price to increase. You will be the same like me haha😀.

This was my first post on Hive Blog

Created Photos in Canva app.

I am @myanmarkoko

You can call me KoKo


Thanks a lot for your time.


!ASH Write about aeneas somehow, too. Thank you!

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Okay I also like Aeneas blog. I expect on it.
May Aeneas blog successful in near future.
Thanks for your support💛.

Command accepted!

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Dear, @myanmarkoko, you have received ASH tokens!
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Thank you 💛.

Move forward.

Thanks a lot.
We must work together!
We must build our nation!

Glad to see your earning achieving value!

Thank you❤
I will go on and long life time with



you should try and see if it boosts your earnings 😊

Yay! 🤗
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