My first lego for @googlyeyes | O meu primeiro lego para @googlyeyes

in lego •  11 months ago 

My first lego for @googlyeyes | O meu primeiro lego para @googlyeyes

Lego I did @googlyeyes and @googlyprize | O Lego que fiz para o @googlyeyes e @googlyprize

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With those eyes, this car wouldn't be out of place in a Toy Story or Cars movie. Well done Jimbo and good luck with the Googly eyes contest

Thanks a lot @brickmanbrad.
I like the Cars movie.

heh... i've seen lego eyes used as #GooglyEyes on other stuff before, but I don't think we've had a full on lego before. (shoutouts to @sparkesy43)

It's questionable how much of a #GooglyEyes post this really is, though, as it's actually just a full on lego creation?! But I do like lego so I'll take it, we'll see if there are some more lego-fans in the jury this week ;)

Thanks a lot.
Next time I will use plastic googly eyes on Lego.
PS: Jimbo's Father
He wanted to test if Lego with eyes could be on the contest.
I explained him and he is very happy to participate.
At this age small prizes means golden ones for kids.
He wants to now if he can make Lego pieces and then put googly eyes glued on it?
He is loving steemit because he understands very well the system, and votes and prizes are paramount for him.
And he loves comments too.(lots of new words he had to learn to write today)
Thanks from both parts.

Heh... that's excellent! Keep on creating Jimbo.

Sure, wiggly plastic eyes on some Lego should work, so would putting Lego eyes on random other stuff. Both seems appropriate for the contest. It's about creatively creating an unexpected character, bringing anything to come to life with some googly eyes...

Something to watch out for is when there's "eyes-on-eyes". That describes the situation where a real face is already fully articulated and the googlies are basically just replacing the normal eyes, that's usually not fit for the contest either.

Really looking forward to what Jimbo comes up with next!