Late night blog. Jordan and Angela. Me and You.

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Hello, internet scroller. Keep scrolling. Don't stop.

Drag your finger up and down the screen. Feels good doing that, right? Keep doing it. Move on. There is nothing to see here. Only feet and pajamas.

What's that? You like pajamas? What about feet? Feet are to see here. And pajamas. Right? I just said that, so you should know.

I can see my feet here. Actually, that is a lie. They are under my desk. I can imagine what they look like, though.. because, well... they are my feet. I am familiar with them. I mostly know what they look like without actually glancing down at them. I know where they are. I know WHO they are. I am pondering naming them now, like the same way I named my raccoon slippers. Burt and Ernie.

Do you follow my blog? Have you clicked "follow" or does that make you feel weird about life? Maybe you don't know me well enough yet. Maybe this is the first time you've ever heard of me. What do you think so far? Am I cool? I guess you haven't read down far enough to know yet.

I am past the point of people being able to read down this far without actually having clicked on the title and now being INSIDE MY BLOG. So if you've made it to THIS very sentence, that means you are someone who actually reads the posts.

Hi. I like people like you.

You are my people. Do you want to hear me talk to myself again and pretend that it's you I'm talking to? It's not really that late for me. It's almost 11pm. If I had to go to work in the morning it would be late. I still get up at 5am but that's just because life. I have things to do in the mornings that won't get done if I don't do them.

Do you ever feel like you are on the right path but have stopped moving forward? As if you've found the right trail that leads to the beach but, instead, you've decided to go follow a bobcat or something. Maybe it's a bird. Maybe it's a person. It's something and it's everything.

I had a great plan this year to be more assertive, less of a "push-over" and to speak up for myself more to people who talk down to me.. in real life, that is. I don't get much bothered by online drama. I mean everyone has days where they want to climb through the screen and into the internet just so they can thump someone on the forehead and say, "You idiot buffoon." I am usually not in that mood, though.

I don't know what I want to talk about. I am just in need of talking. I have a hard time at night, this time of night in particular.. of being unable to cease my thoughts. Don't you have your darkest thoughts at night? It's appropriate, right? Because no sun. It fits.

I guess I could talk about this vision I'm having right now. It's a daydream, of sorts. A waking dream.

I am out of my head and into another realm.

Nope . the vision is gone.

I got distracted and started watching YouTube videos. I've watched this one 3 times now. It's from the greatest TV show that ever was, (My So Called Life) and it only had one season.

Jordan and Angela. I was so very much Angela. Her name might as well have been Serena.

I'm done now.. Goodbye, cruel world.

Watch this little scene. She has dreamed about this moment happening for her entire life. Okay, well.. for the entire season thus far at this point. He was embarrassed to be seen with her before, because of what his friends would think. They think she's weird. But he's about to change everything. This is the greatest moment of the whole series. Jordan takes her hand.

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I am past the point of people being able to read down this far without actually having clicked on the title and now being INSIDE MY BLOG. So if you've made it to THIS very sentence, that means you are someone who actually reads the posts.

Yes! I read your blog. I mean, of course it often passes me by because I also read approximately 100 other blogs, in between work and family and craziness.

But never forget that what you share is important and worthy. And there are probably 20 lurkers who just pop in and have a looksee for every 5 that actually respond.

Late night cray-cray is the best. It's weird and sometimes painful and sometimes scary and sometimes lonely, but it's your mind looking for the outer limits of imagination and reality, and searching for meaning. It's a good thing. Don't leave this cruel world! Write your stories and songs and let your heart sing like crickets in the night... not caring who's listening.

Awww, thanks, Jayna. I am hearing crickets in the night right now, actually. They are loud and so are the frogs.. it's my favorite sound of summer. Symphony of the night. Thank you for reading ♥♥♥♥ Hugs!

There's 2 toads in our little pond singing the song of their people right now...sounds of the summer nights...

Beautifully said.

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Awww.. I wish I had a little pond with frogs in it. It seems that they’re in every tree, though.

There are few things as lovely!

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