#lastword: Unleash Your Inner Troll!

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I assume we've all had experiences online where we're arguing with someone and the situation devolves into a pointless pissing contest. It get's even crazier here on Hive. Most of us are no stranger to the extended flag wars that take place here from time to time. When money is on the line, people seem to get even more furious, frustrated, absolutely tilted, and understandably so.

Well, actually a lot of the time it doesn't even make sense. I've flagged users (long ago) for literally a penny and they went absolutely apeshit. We actually see that happen a lot, surprisingly. I recall @ericwilson just recently recounting a moment like this where, not only did they go nuts about the 1 cent downvote, but they made a post about it and upvoted that post for $10. Hilarious.


The day before yesterday I had yet another one of these classic encounters. Let this be a great example of how not to do things; about how no one should talk to another person like this, ever (on both sides).

Sometimes when I'm arguing with someone they start talking in circles and spewing out the same useless information over and over again. When this happens I realize something:

This person is trying to get the fabled Last Word!

When someone tries to get the last on me like that I play a little game with myself; a little inside joke known only to me. Ah, just kidding! I end up going fully transparent and literally say the phrase "last word".

Seriously though, when I do this, I'm trying to lead the conversation elsewhere and bring up other points, but all the circular talk and tired arguments keep popping up on the opposing side. I'm not about to do the same; I'm not about to just repeat what I've already said (especially on an immutable blockchain) and rehash the same conversation in a different way.


God, it's such a troll move that pisses people off to no end. I used to do it to my ex-girlfriend and it would just infuriate her (such a smart thing to do). One of the perks of my new and improved girlfriend is that I've never had to employ this tactic because I've never had an argument with her where I felt like this was happening. #smallmiracles

Personally, I don't quite understand it. I'm more than willing to drop a conversation if we've reached the end of it, so to be talking to someone who won't stfu when we've clearly reached the end of the dialog? That's just obnoxious. Clearly, the answer is to be even more of an annoying bitch than the person I'm talking to. That's how arguments are won, amirite?


So let's take a look at what I'm actually talking about, shall we?

@baah is my favorite troll!

Perhaps those of you who know @baah can see where this is going.

And it isn't pretty!

Just take a look at his profile, for god's sake:


Guy's name literally translates to "Bah FucYou"?

Self defined as a "degenerate scumbag"?

No one should take this fella seriously!

But many do!
What an adorable little troll to call our own!
Also you gotta love the reblog right there, lol... no takebacks!

As luck would have it...

@baah discovered my posts about how Steem HF23 is and is not theft 2 days ago. We went on a delayed glorious journey rehashing all the same stupid arguments that were already discussed the day I actually posted them (over a week ago).

Let's take a look at all the amazing new content we generated!



Are you trying to admit that you're writing shit PURELY for profit/reaction?

Yes @baah, isn't it obvious? Isn't it clear from my over 1000 posts on this network that I do it solely for the $5 acquired per post from over an hour of writing per piece?

What's that?

I just gave you free ammo to call me a moron again because it takes me so long to write my posts?


Walked right into that one!

On a totally unrelated note...

Go read one of @caitlinjohnstone's old posts about how to beat a manipulator and how they will always try to twist your own words against you.


That's right! I'm awesome.

Everything I say is like spinning straw into gold.
You may call me, "The Alchemist".

Just like Dr. Ronald Chevalier

Pure gold.

... and it's that easy...


This is what the conversation devolved to:

I've never gone so absolutely all-in on the #lastword game before.
It was a legendary sight to behold, even for me!

You lashing out like a child doesn't accomplish anything but satisfy the feeble mind of an insecure troll who has nothing better to do.

It is literally impossible for you to not write a response to this.
That's how weak-minded you are.


I've overplayed my hand here.

I'm going to lose the #lastword game.



lol... no fucking way...

You actually responded to a message saying it was IMPOSSIBLE to not.
Thanks for making my day, man.
I guess it was a pretty good read.
I did used to be a poker player, after all.


Rule of three

I bet he is good for one more.


Truly I was going to stop at 3.

I lost the #lastword game. It was an epic battle, but I did indeed get the #lastword so that makes me the loser. You certainly can't win the #lastword game if the entire point of the game is that the other person has to have it no matter what.


I was on such a long winning streak!
I'm not sure if I've ever lost the #lastword game before.

Those are the rules, I didn't write them! (I did)

Truth be told, curiosity really got the best of me to see how long it could possibly go. I was pretty sure 3 was the limit, and I was right, but I just had to make sure, you know? I think it was worth taking the loss on this one to learn the limits of the game.

Although, I may have sandbagged my most epic victory ever. How many times in life am I going to get the opportunity to tell someone they don't have the power to stop talking because they're such a weak-minded troll? Could have been a once in a lifetime opportunity! Shoot!

Just kidding, there are no winners here.

Only losers.


Thank you @baah! Truly, you are the gift that keeps on giving... like a super aggressive strain of herpes or something. Let this be a lesson to all about how easy it is to get dragged down into the muck with the trolls and accomplish absolutely nothing in the process but waste time. It's just like that "crabs in a bucket" analogy in the whitepaper. God I hate Ned. Let's all take this wonderful moment to remember what a tool Ned is and always will be.

Again, @baah, thanks! You're the best! So adorable! Thanks for the free 'quality content'! Let's see how many rewards I can garner on this one and compare it to the total value of your entire account, shall we?

Remember, that's the only reason why I'm here: to trick all you dumb-dumbs into giving me money. Isn't it obvious? You all fell for that whole "freedom from debt-slavery" bullshit I've been spewing? Idiots! Now give me my $5! I'm entitled to it.

Couldn't have done it without you, bud.

Truly, you stand alone; a diamond in the rough.


Shut up and take my money!! 😍

shut up take money pay.jpg

You got it, Lyndsonius!




brave words

I've had some run ins here and there as well, and none of them go anywhere. What's the number one rule of troll land?


Gotta starve em out.

I can't wait to try this

lol not my intention but go for it

#lastword 😂


@baah have you explained to edicted what capitalism is and that we need to get rid of it? cuz free markets are baaaad? XD

Let me guess, you think that being reduced to spamming the same nonsense is "a funne", seeing that you are laughing along, and you thought it would be a tickle to pile on some of your own rendition of what I "think" or you think I said. You know what, nothing has changed though, you, like @edicted, when confronted with the harsh reality almost instinctively recoil and deny it, because how can you resolve the glaring inconsistencies of your own ideology such that when no regulations exists and workers are reduced to a free for all competition for who can do the most work for the least pay which is just one of the obvious ramifications of a surplus of workers, to you that is not a fault of the unfettered markets, the magical creatures that you believe them to be, it's somehow socialism, marxism or government, or even more absurd, because we don't even have capitalism, despite the fact that as previously mentioned, this happens in the absence of regulation, in pure capitalism, in Starkist Tuna paying workers pennies an hour, in Nike, Converse and numerous other who exploit workers, and that to me it's no different from the schism that surely manifests when, like @edicted for example, one equates that what the witnesses did by forking steem into hive, is no different from the blatant manipulation/censure of blockchain data and outright unprecedented theft, and he wasn't equating it in a sense of reaction:product/result, but in a quite literal and visceral sense, a theft of the premine, a theft of intellectuals, a theft of content. The only thing is that a sensible individual can articulate how and why someone is incorrect or mistaken or how and why they are using logical fallacies instead of resulting to incoherent sneering, trolling and spamming, you, like him though, think that somehow the means justify the ends, that reality be damned, there is nothing wrong with capitalism, that if I have to troll my gf instead of extending respect it's fine, or "they made me do it" excuse, and you, if we could only "have" capitalism, no different from the theft is ok because look at hive stealing the premine. Apropos, talking about my name, what I choose to describe myself as, or even my profile pic, and taking it serious only demonstrates a lack in one's sense of humor, exemplifies one as with the stick up their ass posture, and regardless of those things being true or not, like me being a degenerate scumbag, if they have absolutely nothing to do with what I remark, observe or conclude then it's the pinnacle of redundancy to make that the topic at hand. In the end, have your laugh, excuse theft and equate it to creating, and hold onto your never-capitalism, I'm not the one who's going to sleep with any of that contradictory and hypocritical nonsense in my mind.



dude just read hayek and dont get on everyone's nerves..

you're a real kid

who can do the most work for the least pay

yeah you understand nothing..

It's about building new market networks and supporting each other who is trying his best (working for free markets - doing what he loves (he can choose) and doing something what people need)

but you clearly have no fucking clue xD

keep whining.. in a few years you will see

Everyone loves flipping burgers and shoveling shit, lol.

In a few years we will finally have capitalism, yay.

and you still won't do any work for yourself

I've noted your repeated aversion to make an honest response regarding what would happen if a worker gets hurt in a free market. Is it because you are so spineless, so weak of fortitude that discussion regarding something so viscerally difficult to acknowledge from your enclave of magical thinking sends you to make only sneering remarks as if you, a faceless nobody who's apparent fear of having a profile picture of themselves and anything truly personal about themselves in a social media site, knows me at all let alone my inclinations?
How about we take it back to the lunacy you subscribe to:

What's the difference between capitalism and corporatism? crickets crickets

What protections do workers have from exploitation under capitalism that they don't have elsewhere?

A republic which respected the idea of private property by devoting an entire adjudication process to resolve disputes over said private property was actually disguised Communism, as you think the Roman Empire was.

I'll let the silence speak or lets see how deep you want to make this hole you put yourself in, you idiot.

how about you just start informing yourself?

that's not my job - got enough to do.

wish you great success and a future with less crying, insulting and stress :)