What would have happened if I...?

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Hi there!

I remember when I started blogging on Steem I was very scared. I was full of expectations and also doubts. As time went by, I experienced the different areas in which I could develop as a blogger. I discovered myself as an artist and in many other ways. But all this started in a feeling called fear.

What would have happened if I hadn't dared to do everything I've done?

I have no idea! Probably I wouldn't be here being one of Lassecash's angels. I'm glad I dared!

Today, I felt that feeling again but in real life. There where you can't edit what you do or say. However, once again, I dared and did everything. And I suppose/hope that also within a year I'll remember this day, as I remember my first publication here.

How did you feel when you made your first publication? Was it quite a challenge for you too?

Lots of love,


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Hi there, angel! :)

It's good to do things you fear sometimes. It makes life interesting and exciting. The more you do it, the more you realize you will fail many times but you will also succeed sometimes, and that can enrich your life.

I did something I fear today; I just bought more Bitcoin, after the big drop. :O Let's see if that turns into a failure or success.

I remember my first post on here. I had already been writing online in various places for years, and had earned some money that way, so I knew it was possible to make money online. I waited for a couple of days after I signed up here to do my first post. I wanted to see what others were writing, and I voted and commented a bit. I wrote a short but somewhat decent intro post and it did very well. Then again, most intro posts did well in those early days! Not many people were here, but the reward pool was large and it was easier to get a big piece of it. There wasn't even a way to move Steem, in those days. It was just a number in a wallet on here. Just a few weeks later, Steem could be moved and traded, and people were amazed at the amount of money they were making. A girl did a makeup tutorial and got $30,000 for it! Steem went from 25 cents to 5 dollars, very quickly and went to the number 3 largest market cap on coinmarketcap.com. It was interesting around here in the early days!

I think I rambled there. :) Anyway, I didn't have much fear to post here, and it worked out well. I've been here every day since that first day, and I've met lots of nice people like You! :)

Aws! Thanks :)

It was very good to read the first post you did here. I'd have loved to be here too. The first Steemian from Venezuela also has an interesting story about her journey on the platform.

Thank you so much for stopping by and also for sharing your story on the platform with me!

See you around!

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