I'm one of Lassescash's angels: Sometimes you just need the perfect song.

in lassesangels •  5 months ago 

There are times when you just want your hands and fingers to slide down the keys with ease, but you can't make it. There are other times when, no matter what you do, you don't get something to show up, and when it does, you don't like it. Today is one of those days for me, after 7 days in silence according to what I usually do or write in here.

I tried to sit down and write something, and I honestly lost count of how many paragraphs I've completely erased before this. Once again, what's missing is the inspiration, but why? I had waited so long for this moment! It's as if some kind of lethargy had completely possessed me, or maybe it's because of this allergy I'm having right now. IDK.


So, I played one of my favorite songs and finally found the perfect words for this text.

That's how I confirm that inspiration requires perfect ingredients. These could vary according to the recipient (person) and it cannot be forced, but it can be stimulated.

And to finish, I'm happy to be here again, hopefully for a long time.

See you around <3


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We want you to be here 4Eva!!! <3

Yes, music can really get us going. I'm listening to the music video you embedded right now. Good beat! And look at everyone running!

Thanks for the beautiful selfie! :)