Now I speak Hausa

in language •  6 months ago 

When you are in Rome, you do like a Roman is what they say. But the fact that I am a Nigerian, I can't do like a Roman, even if I do, I can not be perfect like Romans I can only speak roman language haha haha

Before I leave my hometown (Ibadan) I see the Hausas and Igbos that speaks my language (Yoruba) they don't speak it like we Yorubas but they use to try their best, at least we understand them. I never even know I would find myself in such situation where I would speak any language apart from Yoruba, English and Francals
Now I'm in Northern part of my country (Nigeria) 🇳🇬 where Hausa is best speaking, once you speak Hausa you would be a free man and you can work at of the federal government offices, in fact you don't need our official language which English. Hausas dominates Abuja and you find other languages rare
Now I speak Hausa, but that doesn't mean I would do like Hausas

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