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It was time for Tiles!!

Today I went to work in the morning but still it was quiet and the holidays are still there. I think the worker ants have swapped to take the holiday break now, because there seems to be a lot of replacement faces passing whilst giving me a weird look.

I decided to go and get the tile adhesive on the buses and what a mission but it was needed purely because we had found not so long ago tiles suited for the kitchen work tops, and also a unit straight afterwards - so it seems to be the time to be getting shit done before winter comes and work is busy again.

Little rant about public transport and Agenda 21 - Ok nah I wont...


Welcome to the kitchen. It really needed a better worksurface, we had just wooden with one side laminated which I flipped over to lay the tiles onto.

It was when I got back from carrying a 20L bucket that weighed 18kg and a 5 kg bag of grout, I realised I had only a 6 foot level to use!

This picture above and below was just setting up and making the first tile and seeing how it would look.



..Bother buying the special "primer" for tiles, shops sell it for when you are laying tiles onto wood or fresh plasterboard. They had it there for like 25 euros and you can just buy a small bottle of wood glue instead for 3, Yes - wood glue/ pva, and mix it with water to use.


After that had soaked in and dried,

It was time to get messy! I had marked already the first tile and the others followed. It has been a while since I did anything building related but its always such pleasure.



These grey tiles were the ones we found, and had got from a shop cheapy white ones. I was going to use the cheapy white ones for the top, but used them instead just for walls. I took out the cooker, and it looks very photoshopped whilst sat in the garden!




A view from the front door..

I still need a tile cutter but there's not much point in buying one, I already asked someone who has one somewhere, but anyway i used up all the tiles so we will need more cheapy wall tiles to get it finished.


Also I thought to tile to the wall where we will be adding a sink at some point - it will be a luxury to pour things away somewhere instead of out of the backdoor every time!


For the next part I will need a tile cutter, but more importantly more tiles!!



Big Love and abundance of positive happenings!


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Fair play to ya. You're quite obviously a man of many talents;)

Thanks! It's cool to document the changes of this place 😀

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I love white tiles - it looks really awesome. Fresh and clean. Tiling can be such a shit job though. When my hubby first tried it he did it on our kitchen floor, which is crooked and shit to this day. I fixed it though by trying not to look down, plus a plant in a strategic spot.

😆 floors are definitely the harder one, the trick for next time is to find the highest part of the floor and start from there! Then it goes much better 😊

I want to do more but want a car to get the other tiles with haha

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Nice. That looks good!

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Thanks! Yeh it's only getting better 😅

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All this work is making for a much nicer place 👍

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just been adding to it earlier today. i just woke up mega hungry so im awake at 3am suddenly haha

Dude, this is so cool!
I like the tile top because it will be easy to clean after cooking. Great idea!

Today I went to work in the morning

— Are there any vacancies at your work?) I'm just looking for something for myself))) Heh ...

Sounds like you guys need to just get on the road and explore!! :P

Yes! We must find ourselves...