LAGO COIN.....We did it!

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After a lot of work and planning.... Lago tribe has landed and is live. More info to come but just wanted to share the excitement that LAGO token is here and the tribe to go with it is too. Still going through the steps to finalize but very pumped to be official!! Big ups to Steemengine for muddling through this process with a non-technical Butt🔥
This is a photo of me and @neopch pumped about our hard work leading to a live tribe😜
You can check it out at

And here is our first draft Logo for Lago. created by @greencross 😘 More versions still to come!

So pumped about this journey into action on Steem🔥🔥🔥 #newsteem


Nice to see new tribe one town , so what topic this tribe covering ???

It will be a niche tribe... focused of travel blogs, photos and videos of Guatemala... at first specifically at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. This will be a real world use case, coins earned here can be used in businesses around the lake. Think of it like an ecosystem tribe. But we still have a long way to go.... today is just the beginning!! 🔥

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Greetings appreciated @buttcoins.

wow! I am very surprised with this brilliant idea you have had.
With all my heart I congratulate you for your project.

You went beyond what a utility token is and took it to the real world. This is totally fascinating.

Good luck, guys!

All best, Piotr.

Cute picture i see

Why thank you!

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Great photo. Good to see you both again! 😍

Thank You :D

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Awesome.. thanks Pennsif!

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2nd comment ( minus Partiko spam) on this thread! GOOD LUCK!

Appreciated 😎🙏

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Thank you!! Some luck... and lots of resilience and determination😎

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Lago Lago time to jump into that :D

Yes to jumping into fresh waters!!

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Awesome! Glad to hear it.

Tis sweet indeed!

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Crazy 😜 dudes!

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Yes we is!!

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Yes it’s exciting!!

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great!. I gotta find time soon to finish that logo. Congratulations!

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Exciting NewSteem News

Nice to see a new tribe!

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Congratulations for a successful launch.

Can old photos be mounted?

Lago tribe van estar para photos, blogs, videos sobre Guatemala. Solo vamos a aceptar posts que esta nativo de Guatemala 🇬🇹

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