MATERS! (bite into it)

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As the days shorten and the leaves start to have tinges of non green it becomes time to start clearing out vines and plants that had their day in the sun. Lifecycles of everything are like that so every Sunflower has it's glory days or weeks then decays and droops like everything else. It's humbling to really get into the dirt and watch what you can do with your very own two hands.

My months of growing food a.k.a. homesteading a bit/gardening, paid off in unexpected ways.

There are tons of things I'd not bother with again unless ornamental and others that are still producing tons of food. Food is important, healthy food is important, it's so important to eat healthy food! Who doesn't like food? I love asking these uber deep questions........deep thots!


Squash, Tomatoes, Yukon Gold Potatoes and Green Beans were the winners! Cherry Tomatoes especially are easy to grow and have huge yields as did only the Yukon Potatoes. The rest turned to stinky rotten spuds that smelled like horrid earth farts, never planting Russet's again!

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My Tomatoes are so juicy and so red and orange and nom
My Maters are so tasty, my Maters are the bomb!
Potatoes by the kilo, fry em' bake'em up
Squash and Zukes instead of Nukes, yeah can farm , oh yup!
I mash mash mash and smash smash smash Yukon golds abound
I like to garden in a onesie so I can squat right down

JAT the song by @battleaxe, JUICY ASS TOMATOES


With Yukon Golds you'll not get a lot of big potatoes but can get bumper crops of tons of smaller ones called CREAMERS! right?


ANOTHER WINNER! Greenbeans and also the Yellow Wax Bean varietal, they too are still rather abundantly producing. They store for up to a couple of weeks too so you aren't having to cook everything right then. I'd not waste my time with a ton of herbs like Cilantro or Rosemary from seed, will stick to just buying it dried in bulk but Basil was a hit and is still going strong. I attempted some berries and corn but that was sort of just ornamental and got eaten fast. Sunflowers were a success but be warned some get 10 feet high then flop over and it can attract a LOT of creatures and not always the good kind! That's where having a 3 1/2 foot Black King Snake in a hidey hole in the main area helps!

that's it for now and wishing you all a happy and fun day and don't forget to UV and follow. You get paid for curating and am still deciding on investing and all that, still getting my feelz on many things but it's going decent. Thanks again to @inertia and @elgeko and @drakos and @whatsup and @thekittygirl and of course @reverendrum for putting some zef pep in my step lately

(accurate deepfake but my eyes are david bowie green/hazel/amber but lettin' it slide)


Veggies in this house
We got veggies in this house
Veggies in this house
We got veggies in this house
They be bustin' down the door for dat juicy ass tomato

Oh wait tomatoes are fruit.
Still better than Cardi B's crap.

yeah don't even think she wrote "veggies in this house" such wow
but Kylie Jenner doing the amazing task of walking was such wow art amirite or nah? wait, don't answer that

Tomatoes, yesssss! Bravo @battleaxe! :)

haahhahahahahah, sup betman, forget you're on here :) good to see you

BETMAN APPROVES of my tomatoes, phew @the-real-betman ;) lmfao , good surprise

Betman is a tomato junkie, can’t be anything else :)

Tomatoes, Potaties, Green beans ... Awesome

You did it

hehe YES I CAN, yeah was a ton of work , mostly just raised beds and straight into rows, so is saving money on not needing a gym etc.

Yeah a lot of advantages in homesteading and growing your own food.

totally, is a ton of work and initial costs on the materials isn't cheap but you then can just keep having seeds basically forever and start making your own seed bank etc..... I feel SO much better eating 1/3 my diet from things we grew ourselves. THANK YOU @hetty-rowan for supporting my blog consistently, I really appreciate it sista'

blinkie by @thekittygirl, am not gonna keep bugging her by tagging her but I can't help it if I dig her and her work highly :P

My garden this year sucked. Glad yours fared better! And it inspired poetry, too. A win on two accounts!

hehe, yeah a lot of things I tried out were too early or late so some stuff am not going to bother with and will sell the seeds/seedlings or give them away or barter with them, I'd say with how things are it's something good to have

I've been growing vegetables in pots! I have tomatoes, bell peppers, okra and eggplants, and the usual herbs. And I love it!!!
Thanks for sharing, @battleaxe 🥰🌺🤙

container gardening is one of my faves, it's just a passion of mine to be able to know exactly what was used to grow it etc..... tastes better imho too, thanks for stopping by :)

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There is nothing more satisfying and tasty than growing and eating your own produce! Everything tastes so much better!

It's awesome that it's worked well for you! Happy harvesting and eating!

Thanks for sharing your corner of the world, and have a lovely day!💜

thanks, it does! it's not traveling weeks or thousands of miles or picked green and gassed to 'ripen', the food supply chain is a lot more delicate then people think. Thanks for stopping by, appreciate it


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Harvesting my green beans and carrots as well, liming has been successful as most of my produce no longer have that acidity taste. Next, I'll taste how my Spaghetti squash have turned out. 😁
Thanks for the inspiration BA

Nice harvest!

Nothing better than home grown produce.. or second best when you can't do it yourself is to belong to the local CSA down the road and let them do the work and deliver fresh picked veggies to the door!