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In order for us to stay alive even when we sleep
our mind still working. We ended up dreaming
the whole night and remember a thing.
Got to be something extraordinary for you to remember
the dream.
Dreaming about a girl you love never miss the morning.
If it was positive it will put a smile on your face for the whole day
or the week. A crush you may well dream it again.


Right in the birthplace of many genres, the Caribbean is loaded.
This song by the son of Sweet Mickey, his name Yani Martelly.
This genre is #konpa a genre from haiti.
Konpa is smooth and inviting to dance.
Lately this genre changes from long time ago.
The whole family are singers. Three brothers.
While you watch the video, it is self explanatory as captions of lyrics
all over in Haitian Creole.
Like a dream the words are majestically inserted in his brain.
Somehow in reality music about woman and love click.
At the end it really looks like a dream.


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