Sepia Caterday ~ A Big Day Out: Of Gnarly-Wood Wheelbarrows, Light Rain, and Damp Cats ~

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Dillbob The Leisure Cat

Wandering about the yard today, doing some chore or another, I came across Dillbob the Cat, just sitting in a wheelbarrow full of woody debris. Didn't look overly comfortable, or comfortable at ALL, but I suppose that is the way of cats. They do what they want, when they want. Pretty much most of all of the time. "Hmm, soft grass, or a wheelbarrow full of old, hard wood for the burn pile. Think I'll sleep on the old, hard wood."

Just hanging out, minding his(her) own business. (She is a she, but for some reason, we always call her a he. Maybe because HER name is Dillbob, since when we first got her, we couldn't turn her over to 'check', as she was prone to hissy fits. So, not knowing her born gender, and since she looked and acted so much like our dear departed cat Robert, (hence the name Dill BOB, short for a dorky Robert), SHE is often called a HE by we human beans, on most days. Just kind of rolls off the cat referencing tongue much easier. For some odd reason. But I don't think SHE really minds all that much, as long as the food bowl gets filled regularly, and I talk to HER as I walk by, while doing my chores. )

~ § ~

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I Think I Need A Nap

A bit of light preening, before settling in on the barrow full of tangled wood. I wonder why cats groom themselves before a good nap? Maybe it's so they'll look good once they wake up, later on. Though I can't say as I blame them...I often look a fright when morning comes around. Bad hair days being what they've always been.

But I've never seen a cat wake up from a good sleep, to look into the mirror all 'lopsided' or cattywampus like we humans so often do. Maybe there's something to this grand, pre-sleep grooming theory. I think highly Scientific, future investigations may be in order.

Onward to more cats and wheelbarrows.

~ § ~

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Little Fistfuls of Air

Though I've never measured, Dillbob has the smallest feet of any of the cats. How DO you stay vertical with those tiny paws, Dillbert? (Another nickname of kitty endearment). She's always using them to knead any surface she's on, like a large piece of warm sourdough. Fine by me, unless it's in my lap.

~ § ~

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Downhill Works Just Fine

Settling in for a woodpile slumber. Still doesn't look all that comfortable, but who am I to argue. No other creature has napping down to such a fine art, quite like the standard cat. And Dillnut (another of her nomenclature-al endearments), seems no exception.

~ § ~

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Wake Me When The Food Bowl Is Full Again

There be those tiny paws again. She was soon sound asleep. Except her ears. They move independently to the sound of noises in nature, even when asleep. I wish I could do that. All I do is wake up, then have trouble going back to sleep when neighborhood noises enter my sleep.

~ § ~

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Wafty Dreams Of Endless Mice That Taste Like Kibbles

I kept expecting her to fall off the little log in the barrow, but she maintained her equilibrium quite nicely. For quite a spell. But all too soon, the weather took a turn for the worse, and the light rain started to patter down around the wheelbarrow.

~ § ~

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What's IS This Rainy Weather Business?

That look of certain disdain. As only a feline can do. It wasn't a hard rain, but enough to bring out the look that bends small steel bars. (I missed THE look, this is the waning part above[↑].) She held out as long as possible, not wanting to give up such a fine perch to any of the other four-legger's wandering about. I'm still pretty hepped up about my bad hair theory in cats. Even in the damp, she looks pretty fresh and well maintained after a long nap. And is watching our cat Kiwi, as he sits in the grass in the light rain. Looking up to the sky, wondering what the heck is going on.

~ § ~

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Kiwi the Wonder Cat

Still sitting in the light rain, still wondering what is up. I'm pretty sure when they were passing out kitty brains, Kiwi was behind the door, doing what he does best. Hiding. He's a really nice, sweet cat. But not much smarter than a bag of small geodes. He lived under the credenza in the living room for a year and a half, only scootching out like a fence lizard to use the litter box and eat. (Gotta give him credit for that, I suppose).

But that was a large improvement, compared to the year+ he spent living under the treadmill in the back office. There was only about 4 inches of clearance under that thing. Wonder what in the world he did under there, all day long in the dark? We may never know.

The name Kiwi arises from "a strange little fruit". And he is an odd one, if not highly entertaining. And talk about bad kitty hair days. Unfortunately, he loves to sleep in his litter box. And when outdoors, and no box is available, squats to do his business, then forgets what he's doing and takes a seat for awhile. It's kind of disgusting. And a chore, trying to keep him 'groomed'. And now that he's getting older, his fur is falling out at an alarming rate. Maybe there's a correlation between sleeping in your litter box and a thinning, allover hairline. Though I'm certainly no expert. All I know is it's kind of gross.

But we still love him. Particularly now that he doesn't live under the low-clearance furniture anymore. It appears, that as his walnut sized brain recedes into the world of aging, he's getting more and more kitty-normal. Odd, but I suppose that's what we signed up for when he wandered into the yard, years ago, before we invited him to stay.

~ § ~

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Maybe He's Smarter Than He...Is

Hanging out under Dillbob's wheelbarrow full of wood, staying dry(er.) (He's already a bit damp, from thinking about heading under there. He sat out in the rain and thought about it for a while.)

~ § ~

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Enough Of This Business

Dillbob exits stage left, and almost lands on Kiwi. He's headed for the back porch, where it's dry and there's a 7% chance he'll get an after school snack of Kibbles. Depends on how nice that guy that filled the wheelbarrow full of old wood is feeling today. "He provided a nice napping spot for me...maybe a small pile of food is in the works too".

~ § ~

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When in Rome...

Kiwi freaked out when Dillbob almost landed on him from above, and this is the result. An orange cat with funky fur, streaking (...?) by the photographer toward the back porch in Dillbob's wake. Looking for a snack of Kibbles, or possibly a dry-site litter box napping spot. Gotta love your matter how bad their hair day might be, or where they sleep.

( :

~ § ~

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Close Up Of Child No. 2

~ § ~

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Close Up Of Child No. 3

- ooo -


~ § ~

Thanks for stopping in and viewing a Big Day Out with some of my four-legged kids. If you have any thoughts about odd sleeping spots, good or bad hair days, getting stuck out in a drizzle, after school snacks, other various cat antics, or anything else this post reminds you of, please feel free to comment away in the spaces below. I'd love to hear from you.

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Greetings @ddschteinn,

What a lovely post......such writing.....and photographs....Well done!

Cats, felines, our four-footed friends......too much fun....right?

All the best to you and yours. ^__^


Thanks, so glad you enjoyed the big day out with the small one's. They are entertaining, if nothing else. I may know this already, but do you have cats? Cheers to a nice weekend coming up.

Hi ya @ddschteinn,

Indeed, so very enjoyable, especially since we are between cats.....

Thank you for your kind's wishing you and yours a lovely weekend......toasting!

Cheers! ^__^

First of all, I’m happy that you started posting again after your absence for very long time…..

The cats are very cute. I love every photos of them; the first and the last two photos are my most favorites. Great capture!

It’s great that you know them well and present interesting stories of them to us. Well done!

I enjoyed reading the stories. Thanks so much for sharing. ;)

Thank you. It's nice to be back writing again. If only for an occassional time now and then. I miss it. But it's just an incredibly busy time right now. Produce is coming on, and there's a lot to deal with. I processed 410 pounds of plums for freezing, with more on the way, with who knows HOW many pounds of grapes and pears to deal with. Yippee...but at least it's all FREE ( :
I fear life won't slow down much until the later fall. But at least I'm not bored.

Glad you enjoyed the kitty pictures and discussion. They are a hoot, and keep me somewhat busy like the produce, though they're all getting old. So maybe one day I shall be catless. Will be cheaper and easier, though they do add a nice dimension of fun to life. I've been working (very slowly...) on a book of cats. We've trapped and fixed 27 over time. So there is much to say. It's been an ADVENTURE. Maybe I'll finish some day, but like a book on Forestry work, there is planning, then there is finishing. Ah, the realities of life.
Hope all is well in your corner of the world, and this finds you happy and healthy and having fun. Cheers GFF, have a nice day today (which I think is now tomorrow....) ( :

Oh! WOW! “410 pounds of plums for freezing, with more on the way, many pounds of grapes and pears to deal with”…. Really wonderful garden! LOVE LOVE! I wish to be in your garden right now, so I can admire them closely all day long!

Ah! I can imagine how busy you are!

Regarding the cats, you are very lucky to have them around. Yeah! It seems that “they add a nice dimension of fun to your life indeed”…. I’m looking forward to reading your book of cats. Hurry up! Please finish it very soon!!! ;D

Many thanks for your kind wishes.

Yeah! For you, it is tomorrow! Have a sweet dream, GFF! ;)

They don't mind names or genders as long you give them food and show love to them. My dogs have like 10 nicknames and they respond to all, I bully my sis cat and he loves it ahahaha

I love those sepia close ups! I read this in the hospital and even think I did a comment but either I didnt send it or it never reached the chain lol.

It must have gone up into the ether of the hospital, when they put that mask on you with the cloth of ether to knock you out. (Don't think they do that any more, but I can dream it...) Glad you enjoyed the kids up close and personal. There is something about a cat up close with the wide angle. Makes them a bit loopy looking. Which they are. Hope your weekend is a good one. Though I suppose a bad weekend is better than a good week, OK, maybe not. I've been picking fruit in the hot sun. I'm the looopy one. Cheers dude