How many kgcoin token's you holding

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Hello friends if you would like to receive a daily upvote from me just send a screenshot with the amount of kgcoin token's you are staking you need to stake at least 100 kgcoin token's to receive a 1% upvote on one post a day all the way up to 1500 for a 15% - 18% if you have any questions suggestions advice please comment below I will get back asap PicsArt_07-07-09.22.43.jpg

Please do not send message comments @kgakakillerg about this coin only send messages comments @kgcoin about this coin thank you please remember if you buy and stake kgcoin token's leave a comment message on my latest post with a screenshot of staked kgcoin token's please only send @kgcoin thank you


I staked 400 kgcoin
You can check in this website

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Thanks for staking you will now receive a 4% upvote on one post a day